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WATCH: Heart Evangelista asks Chiz Escudero about ‘Filipino resiliency’

Heart Evangelista asked Chiz Escudero about his thoughts on people who are ‘romanticizing resiliency.’



01/12/2021 08:39 AM
WATCH: Heart Evangelista asks Chiz Escudero about ‘Filipino resiliency’
Screenshot from Love Marie Escudero YouTube Channel

Heart Evangelista talked about Filipino resiliency in the latest episode of her show called “Adulting with Chiz.” 

In the said vlog, Heart delved into the issue of donating relief packs which apparently stirred a discussion between her and her husband Chiz Escudero.



According to the Sorsogon Governor, it’s important to know when, what, and for whom these donations would be given. 

“What’s important when you donate is to actually look at the people who are in need of donations. Most people, some people, simply to make them feel good, put five kilos of rice, some pieces of canned goods, some instant noodles, coffee, they pack it, they give it to a person whose house was flooded or whose house was inundated totally by flood or whose house caught fire,” Chiz said. 

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Chiz went on to point out that these people have no homes which he said could mean they don’t have the resources to cook these donations. 

He said: “But then every day if you think about it from his or her perspective, meaning the victim’s family, they are currently in an evacuation center how can they cook five kilos of rice? How are they going to heat the coffee they got or the noodles they got?” 



“What they need immediately after a typhoon would be a soup kitchen, a hot meal, that’s readily available right then and there. Otherwise, mostly what you see on TV is they distribute relief packs, a photo op here and there. As soon as the person returns to the evacuation center, he or she will just stare at it,” he added. 

Explaining when relief packs should be handed out, he stated: “Relief packs would come in probably a week or two weeks after once the flood waters have come down and once they’ve started actually rebuilding their homes and their lives, that’s where it would come in.” 

Heart then raised the question about the steps she needs to take should she plan to donate relief packs containing uncooked food. She said: “Yeah, but like for example, I mean I also donated rice and all of that. My heart was there. What did I do wrong? What should I do?” 

To which Chiz responded: “In your case, the rice you donated in Sorsogon, we used in our soup kitchen. We bought something like isang daang kaldero para maka-distribute kami sa mga stranded na nagbi-byahe papuntang Visayas at Mindanao. Para maka-distribute kami ng mga hot meals sa mga evacuation centers.” 

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“But if it’s already packed, meaning the relief packs, what we do is we give it out by way of food for work. If someone donates cash, we give it by way of cash for work. In exchange, we ask them to help clean the barangay or help the neighbors fix their houses. Hindi niya sariling bahay. Para you get to double the effort and at the same time, you don’t promote a culture of mendicancy,” he added. 

“You give them dignity, you give them pride in their own work and in rebuilding their own lives,” he continued. 



“Yeah, because you know, you see people begging and all of that. Kawawa naman,” Heart replied. 

“Kawawa din. Pero mas matagal silang magiging kawawa kung hinayaan mo ring ganun,” Chiz answered back. 

In the same vlog, Heart asked Chiz to weigh in on one of the most talk-about topics when typhoons hit the Philippines last year.  

Chiz responded by saying: “Na tawaging resilient ang Pilipino, okay lang. Puri ‘yun sa sambayanang Pilipino. Pero hindi dahilan ‘yun para hindi nila gawin ang trabaho nila. Or para magkulang sila sa dapat nilang ginagawa.” 

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“The government was faulted for calling the Filipino people resilient. That by itself, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as I said they still did their part and not simply rely on the so-called resiliency of the people,” he stated. 

Watch the video below: 

Heart and Chiz got married in 2015.