WATCH: Tears flow as Ivana Alawi gifts mom with brand new car

Mama Alawi’s got a brand new car!

WATCH: Tears flow as Ivana Alawi gifts mom with brand new car-PUSH TEAM


01/10/2021 07:46 PM
WATCH: Tears flow as Ivana Alawi gifts mom with brand new car
Photo Credit to Ivana Alawi YouTube Channel

Ivana Alawi’s mom turned emotional as the actress gifted her with a brand new car. 



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According to the 24-year-old actress, she promised that she would buy her mom and her siblings their own cars first before buying one for herself.

Kaya ko binilhan si Mama muna ng kotse [kasi] gusto ko sila muna bago ako. ‘Pag lahat sila nakakuha na ng kotse, bibilhan ko na sarili ko,” Ivana said.

Ivana, who surprised her mom with a brand new car by staging a prank with her siblings, explained: “Ang gagawin namin is kausap ko na ‘yung brother ko, magtatarayan kami, mag-aaway kami.”

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Admitting that she felt a sense of guilt over what they did, she said: “Nakokonsensya ako kasi 2021 na. Stressed ang mama ko talaga sa akin sa gagawin namin ngayon.”

Ivana’s mom sat down with the vlogger-actress who thought that she would only be appearing for content for her daughter’s YouTube channel. Unknown to “Mama Alawi,” it was a well-orchestrated prank.

But the “real-talk” vlog which was supposed to feature heart-to-heart conversations between Ivana, her brother Hashim, and her mother Fatima started going downhill when the two siblings made a heated exchange in front of their mom.



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It all started when Ivana’s brother suddenly stepped out of the frame to get snacks as soon as the cameras started rolling. An “irritated” Ivana then tells her mom how annoyed she is with her brother’s move.

Mona, the youngest among the three siblings, then started asking questions that further escalated the situation between Ivana and Hashim — prompting the only male among the siblings to walk away.

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Her mom then followed Hashim outside only to find a car in the parking area of their house. Tears then flowed after “Mama Alawi” saw her surprise.

Watch the video below: 

Ang sweet niyo naman. ‘Di ko naman kailangan ‘yan eh. Kayo nga lang masaya na ako eh,” Ivana’s mom said.

I love you all. Thank you so much. Kayo lang sapat na. Hindi na dapat kayo nag-abala.

To which Ivana responded with: “Ano ka ba. ‘Di ba I told you kayo muna bago ako?”



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Mama Alawi then said: “The best kids. Ano pa ang hihilingin mo?”