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  • Roughly thirteen years ago, the live fantasy-action series ‘Kung Fu Kids’ graced our television screens.

Kung Fu Kids Cast: Then and Now | Push Pins

Roughly thirteen years ago, the live fantasy-action series ‘Kung Fu Kids’ graced our television screens.

Kung Fu Kids Cast: Then and Now | Push Pins-PUSH TEAM


01/11/2021 08:15 AM
Kung Fu Kids Cast: Then and Now | Push Pins

It starred child actors Jairus Aquino, Andre Garcia, Eliza Pineda, Paul Salas, Jane Oineza, Kristoffer Martin, and Joshua Dionisio.

Fast forward to 2021, let’s see what happened to the cast.


Jairus Aquino

Jairus Aquino played Lembot in the series, whose abilities include slow motion. He used tonfa as his main weapon.

Over the years, he became part of several Kapamiya shows including ‘Luv U,’ and ‘Langit Lupa,’ among others.

Today, Jairus remains active in the showbiz industry.

His latest project with ABS-CBN is the 2019 drama ‘Pamilya Ko.’


Andre Garcia

Andre Garcia played Chubbs in the series. He was the chubby kid with the ability to bounce back force using his tummy.

The young actor made his acting debut via ‘Kung Fu Kids.’ After the series, he took on various projects.

Among these were ‘Dyosa’ and ‘On the Wings of Love.’

Earlier in 2020, Andre started his YouTube channel, where he shared some travel and cooking vlogs.

However, he hasn’t been active recently.

One thing is for sure though, Chubbs is chubby no more!


Eliza Pineda

Eliza Pineda was Sarah. She had poor eyesight but she could hear distant noises using her special abilities. She used parasol as her weapon.

She was quite the child star back then. Among her projects in the Kapamilya network were ‘Maria Flordeluna,’ and several episodes of ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya.’

In 2017, however, she transferred to the rival network and has stayed there since.

Last year, Eliza spearheaded the “Pledge to Protect” fundraising initiative to help fight the battle against COVID-19.

All proceeds were used to purchase personal protective equipment (PPEs), which were donated to different hospitals in and outside of Metro Manila.


Paul Salas

Paul was Uragon in the series. He had super strength ability and used arnis as his weapon.

For many years, Paul took on several projects in ABS-CBN before transferring to the rival network in 2018.

His last project with the Kapamilya network was ‘The Good Son,’ where he played Trey.

Now 22, Paul pursues his acting career and is among the showbiz industry’s young heartthrobs.


Jane Oineza

Jane played Moira, who was able to control frogs using her powers. She used lasso as her weapon.

From an adorable child actress, Jane has grown into a stunner and has taken on more mature roles over the years.

Among her projects were ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita,’ ‘PHR Presents: Araw Gabi,’ and ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya.’


Kristoffer Martin

Kristoffer Martin was Benjo, who had sixth sense and used a pair of karate sticks as his weapon.

After ‘Kung Fu Kids,’ he appeared in ‘Ligaw na Bulaklak’ and ‘Parekoy’ before transferring to the rival network in 2010.

Like the others, Kristoffer still thrives in the showbiz industry to this day, and he sure is stealing hearts!


Joshua Dionisio

Joshua Dionisio played Jazz, who was able to manipulate energy blasts using his hands. He used bō as his weapon.

Over the years, Joshua took on projects in different networks.

Among his projects with ABS-CBN were ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya,’ and ‘Wansapanataym.’

Now all grown up, Joshua is in a relationship with his non-showbiz girlfriend Ally Yu.


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Who among them is your favorite?