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These celebrities stood up against bashers in 2020

Here are some of the celebrities who have spoken against bashers online.



01/01/2021 09:35 AM
These celebrities stood up against bashers in 2020
Photo Credit: @superjanella and @kbrosas on IG

They say showbiz personalities should always be prepared for criticisms and public scrutiny. But sometimes, one can only handle so much when it comes to getting bashed on social media.

In 2020, we’ve witnessed celebrities speak up against their critics who crossed the line.


When K Brosas contacted the employer of her basher

For K Brosas, responding to her basher’s comment simply wasn’t enough. So to teach her basher a lesson, she contacted the employer of her basher to report his/her actions outside work.



A post shared by Carmela Brosas (@kbrosas)


Share ko lang, sa fb fan page ko may isang basher na pinagmumura ako. Mula puyo hanggang talampakan at OA sa laswa ng message. Di ako sumagot. Naka-public sha w/ complete info. Tinawagan ko yung employer. Compirm. Sabi ko file ako kaso. Naloka! Award! Yun lang. Habanaysdey,” she wrote in a tweet.

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When Pokwang called out one of her bashers who maligned her relief goods operations

Pokwang was first one of the celebrities who extended help to those in need during the pandemic through relief goods distribution. While several netizens lauded her actions, some criticized her.



A post shared by Mayette (@itspokwang27)


Read this mga animal. Naiiyak ako sa galit sa inyo. Sa ganito pa talagang panahon? Sa ganitong panahon mga kampon ng bashers ng satanas? Ngayon pa talaga? Hindi ito ang tamang oras,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

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When Alessandra de Rossi went after Heart Evangelista’s bashers 

Although Alessandra de Rossi has always been vocal against her own bashers, the critically-acclaimed actress also came to the defense of others just like what she did for Heart Evangelista.



Huy. Tigilan nyo si Heart. Napakadaming ng natutulugan at napapasaya niya. Mga simpleng bagay, pero sa sobrang dami, ay hindi na rin simple ‘yun. Tulungan niyo rin syang maging sya. Hinahayaan ko siyang kutuhan yung mga stray dog na nirerescue nya. Eh malakas trip nya. Gets ko siya,” she wrote in a tweet.

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When Frankie Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta defended each other from bashers

For Sharon Cuneta and Frankie Pangilinan, messing with their family simply is a no-no — and they have proven it time and again during the pandemic, where they have defended each other on various occasions — trolls included.



A post shared by kakie (@frankiepangilinan)


One instance was when Frankie defended herself after a netizen accused her of causing her mom’s anxiety attacks.

You don’t publicize your convoluted assumptions about my mother’s mental health without me calling you out. I don’t care what you think about me. but you don’t ever disrespect my mother like that — not by misrepresenting a very real mental health condition she doesn’t suffer from," Frankie wrote.

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When Angeline Quinto called out her basher who ridiculed her decision to go under the knife 

Although Angeline Quinto has never denied going under the knife, she has been constantly getting bashed for her nose.



"Kung ipagawa ko man buong katawan at pagkatao ko, hindi naman makakaapekto sa pamumuhay mo,” she responded to a netizen’s comment on Instagram. She added: "Much better kung buhay mo na lang ang unahin at pagkaabalahan mo. Love you babe."

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When Janella Salvador clapped back at body shamers

Janella Salvador has had enough with people making fun of her gained weight so she decided to put an end to it with a tweet.



Sher wrote in a tweet: “Filipinos are the worst body shamers. Let me enjoy my Christmas pudding in peace. Happy holidays to you too!”

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