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Regine Tolentino shares how the pandemic affected her businesses

Celebrity entrepreneur Regine Tolentino reveals how she adjusted her business plans for the new normal.

Regine Tolentino shares how the pandemic affected her businesses-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/06/2020 11:22 AM
Regine Tolentino shares how the pandemic affected her businesses
Photo credit: @reginetolentino IG

During the virtual media event for her latest endorsement, Regine Tolentino said being in quarantine has made her grateful for all her blessings in life, both personally and in business. “It’s starts with gratitude for me. parang na-realize mo lahat ng mga dating importante sa iyo, walang kuwenta pala di ba. You just want to be thankful for each day, being alive, being healthy, being with your family, being together, and the fact na nakaka-survive kayo. I also went through this, to be balanced by staying active. I’m always very goal-oriented. I always have a very positive mindset as well and of course nakakatulong sa akin to be grounded and interacting with my lovely daughters, all the tres marias. My teenage daughters are both young ladies. They keep me fit and active and updated sa music and other things para makapag-bonding kami. And of course having a baby nakakatulong din yun to be balanced in life because she’s my wake up call. She’s my silver lining that makes me realize that this is what my purpose is here ont his earth, to take care of these lovely children and to make them good people. Yun ang nakatulong sa akin para ma-balance lahat,” she shared during the Radiance C event last September 5. 

Aside from being a host, dancer, and fitness instructor, Regine is used to running several businesses which she says was really hit hard by the current pandemic. “Siyempre naapektuhan ako financially. Yung mga businesses namin siyempre it’s a direct hit because sa amin mga garments, mga party dresses, mga costumes, mga rentals, talagang na-stop yun. Pati yung dance studio namin wala ng mga events and hindi na puwedeng group exercises, yung mga dance classes namin dito. So talagang nag-adjust because we had to be adaptable and we just had to approach it the most positive way we could. But nakaraos naman and ngayon I think everyone can relate. Lahat nag-a-adjust pa rin and we’re just kind of going through this together,” she explained.

The Radiance C supplement ambassador also shared how she and her businesses are adjusting to the new normal. “Yung business ko for the garments, dance wear, bags, we had to change it. We had to stop everything and now we’re doing PPEs, we’re doing face masks, we are doing protective apparel that is fashionable that people still feel confident and they feel that they look good even when they are protecting themselves at the same time. Sa studio naman namin, unfortunately we had to really shut down and reformat the whole system. We are doing online classes now and it’s had to adjust because like me when I’m doing Zumba or ballroom dancing or even performances, live shows, or whatever, it’s all about that physical touch na talagang very close interaction and when you’re doing group classes it’s like that connection that you have with your students pag umiikot ikot ka and you have that physical touch there,” she said.

Aside from going out, Regine said she also misses teaching classes at her studio the most. “It’s really hard to adapt and adjust but slowly parang na-a-appreciate ko na ngayon yung beauty din of having online classes because somehow kahit hindi physical, you still do have that connection mentally. It’s a little bit more challenging now because you’re in a different environment. Iba talaga yung energy when you are together with your students or your also a teacher. But I’m just slowly learning how to embrace it and it saddens me because everything changes from here on out and I don’t know if ever babalik yun but na-appreciate ko lang talaga lahat ng mga happy moments working out and having those events and dancing and performing because I don’t know what to expect now in the future. But what we are doing now in the studio aside from the online classes is also having workouts with our coach, but we do maintain that social distancing. We try to do that our own way and then cleanliness wise, we try to sanitize as much as we can, we have all of the gadgets and have all of the procedures done and we are extra, extra careful in not only the studio but also the boutique. So it’s a challenge but it’s a new change that I actually am learning so much about as well,” she said.

On the upside, the sexy mom of three said that being on quarantine has allowed her more time to spend with family which includes her boyfriend Dondi Narciso. “It’s brought me and my girls together and Dondi because we’re exploring so many things and then you realize you can survive din pala without all those parties and without fancy outfits and still have fun and healthy and safe and protected as well. We’re also designing face masks right now so we have our couture that comes with a face mask. I’m enjoying designing these face masks as well. So nakakatuwa na nakakalungkot. Sort of like a sweet sorrow but I’ll always still have that little pin in my heart that I know hindi natin ma-e-experience yun for the next year or a bit longer pa. But you know, you just have to learn how to adapt and appreciate what you have now,” she adds.