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Lloyd Cadena’s best friend Madam Ely shares story of their friendship: ‘Grabe magmahal si Lloyd’

Vlogger Madam Ely looks back at the life-changing lessons he learned from his best friend, Lloyd Cafe Cadena.

Lloyd Cadena’s best friend Madam Ely shares story of their friendship: ‘Grabe magmahal si Lloyd’-PUSH TEAM


09/19/2020 12:09 AM
Lloyd Cadena’s best friend Madam Ely shares story of their friendship: ‘Grabe magmahal si Lloyd’
Photo Credit: @themadamely Instagram

After the unexpected passing of popular YouTuber Lloyd Cafe Cadena, his best friend and fellow vlogger Madam Ely posted a vlog sharing the story of their close-knit seven-year friendship. Ely, who first got started in vlogging with encouragement from his best friend, tearfully shares how he recalls Lloyd’s final days in his vlog titled “Mare…”

He said “I can’t quite seem to remember how it all happened. We were just talking the night before. I told you about the test that will be done to you the next day so that we’ll know the best thing to do in order for you to recover immediately. You told me about how you can’t sleep and all the things that bothered you. But you also told me that you were getting better. I would always call the hospital to check on you. I wanted to make sure that you were being taken care of, I wanted to make sure that you’ll be okay. But more than that, I wanted to make sure that you felt loved, important, and treasured because you are, because I do love you with all of me.

“On the morning of September 4, 2020, I received a phone call at around six in the morning. I already felt in my heart what that phone call was and even before I answered, I turned to God and told him, ‘Lord, I lift everything up to you.’ Because at three a.m that same day before going to sleep, I asked Harold (Ely’s partner) to play our favorite song, for no reason at all. Biglaan. I don’t know why. I asked him to play ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ by Lady Gaga. It’s a beautiful song and we always listened to it every time na nakasakay ka kay Oreo (the name of Ely’s car).

“On that morning, my world halted. My heart skipped a beat. Everything just came crashing down. And in my aloneness and in my pain, I only cling to the Father above just like how we always do mare when we’re faced with our life’s greatest heartaches and pains. I remember how we’d always remind each other that we have God and how much He loves us. But on that fateful day, the pain and the heartache inside of me was just unbearable. I did not have to tell people how you died because it does not matter. I intend to tell them how you lived because that is what’s most important and that is the kind of stories that we always wanted to tell.”

In the almost 20-minute vlog, Ely shared with viewers all the precious life lessons he and Lloyd have learned and shared along the way, starting with how he learned humility.

“When we first met, I wasn’t the most humble person you came across with. As a matter of fact, feeling ko nun, ako yung pinakamayabang na kaibigan na nagkaroon ka, ako yung pinakamayabang na taong nakilala mo. But then because you are naturally good hearted, you accepted me for who I am and you committed to changing my ways to show me the world, the realities of life. You brought to places and people na first time ko na-experience. You weren’t scared that I would just judge you or say something. You taught me humility in such a way na hindi yung naturo sa akin na kahit na sino. 

“When we were in Bicol doing our very first project together, I was vegetarian back then. Maarte si Madam. And we ate at this restaurant and I ordered soup na mushroom soup. And I gave clear instructions na sana walang meat or anything that has meat products. And when our order came, there was bacon in it. My patience was tested. Okay lang. Then I asked for the soup to be changed, they changed it. Pero bumalik ulit yung order and it was the same thing, andun pa rin yung bacon. I don’t know why kung bakit ganun but I think during the third time I requested nag-explode ako. I gave in to anger. Nagtalak ako dun sa nag-se-serve. And you cried. And I remember you telling me naisip mo yung parents mo working abroad, all their sacrifices, na baka ginaganun din sila ng mga nakakasalamuha nila na mga amo nila or mga customers nila. Umiyak ka and I cried because I realized I was wrong for doing that. And from that day forward I changed. I became nicer and you accepted me again and we continued living our life together since that day forward kasi alam natin na magiging okay tayo because we have the ability to share the same values, that we can adapt to one another, and that we can teach each other to be better people,” he shared.

Aside from learning how to be kind, generous and grateful, Ely also recallsedhow proud he was of Lloyd’s purposeful way of living. “You have a heart of a servant. You were always ready to give. You’ve always been ready to help, sa ibang tao man yan or kanino man yan.

“You know your purpose and you lived your purpose. You embraced it. And you made sure that you were able to carry out your mission in the lives of people you touched, in the lives of people you encounter along the way. 

“Parehas tayong high blood. We’ve always been angry but we never hated. We don’t hate. We get mad but we don’t hate. We always forgive. Because alam natin na Diyos na ang bahala. Patawarin na lang natin. intindihin na lang natin. Kung may nagkasala man sa amin or naloko man kami or may nagawa man sa amin, we would always say, ‘Hayaan mo na. That’s not important. What is important is natulngan siya at hindi tay ang ma ginawang mali. What is important is sana gumanda buhay niya.’ Okay lang. Walang problema. Let’s move on. Life goes on.’

“Grabe magmahal si Lloyd. Iba siya magmahal. Sa mga karelasyon niya man or sa mga naging kaibigan, iba yung pagmamahal niya. It runs deep down sa buong pagkatao niya. It becomes a part of him. Walang limits yun pag mahal ka ni Lloyd. And I felt it everyday I will always be proud of our story. I will always be proud na parehas tayo mare magmahal. Kaya ngayon mare wherever you are, I hope that you are happy and I hope that you are proud. And I hope that you are also okay. The memories that we shared together will be forever part of who I am. Our good days will always remind me that once in this lifetime we had each other.”

Lloyd Cadena passed away on September 4.