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  • Comedienne Kakai Bautista revealed on Friday, September 11, that she tested positive--but has since recovered--from the novel coronavirus.

Kakai Bautista reveals she tested positive for COVID-19

Comedienne Kakai Bautista revealed on Friday, September 11, that she tested positive--but has since recovered--from the novel coronavirus.

Kakai Bautista reveals she tested positive for COVID-19-PUSH TEAM


09/11/2020 01:48 PM
Kakai Bautista reveals she tested positive for COVID-19
Photo Credit: @ilovekaye Instagram

Comedienne Kakai Bautista revealed on Friday, September 11, that she tested positive--but has since recovered--from the novel coronavirus.

In an Instagram post, the "Hello, Love, Goodbye" actress said she "graduated" from COVID-19 after 14 days since she was diagnosed with the disease.



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"Yes, I tested positive for COVID-19," revealed Kakai, who said she was asymptomatic. "[I] got another test today and the result was negative."

"THANK YOU LORD," she wrote. "I am making it public so that I may be able to share my journey to all of you and raise more awareness."

She went on: "GUYSH, COVID is not a joke. OO, sakit siya, virus siya. Pero mas PARANG ikakamatay mo ang FEAR and ANXIETY 'pag nagkaroon ka. But when I learned that I have it, 2 bagay lang ang sinabi ko kay Lord: 'Lord, hindi pa ako puwedeng mamatay kasi mababawasan ng maganda ang mundo,' and, 'Lord, I surrender everything to you.' Ang I was OK. Nagpaka-normal ako dahil alam kong mas magkakasakit ako kapag HINDI ako umayos sa isip at sa gawa."

Kakai also shared her message of support to others who are battling the coronavirus. 

"AKAP and PRAYERS sa lahat ng may pinagdadaanan sa walanghiyang virus na ito. MATATAPOS din ito guysh! KAPIT lang tayo sa PAG-ASA at FAITH!" she said.

"Isa lang ang dapat positive—MINDSET," she added.

Aside from Kakai, celebrities Christopher de Leon, Iza Calzado, and Sylvia Sanchez also contracted COVID-19. All three stars have recuperated.