‘I worked so hard for it’: Julia Barretto opens up about realizations while staying at house she worked hard for

Julia Barretto calls her home the “fruit of her labor.”



08/09/2020 02:34 PM
‘I worked so hard for it’: Julia Barretto opens up about realizations while staying at house she worked hard for

“I worked so hard for it.”

This was what Julia Barretto had to say when she shared her realizations while staying for months at the house she worked hard for years. 

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Star Magic — in collaboration with Metro.Style — recently featured 15 celebrities from ABS-CBN’s talent management arm to share stories of hope, love, and purpose amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

One of the celebrities who shared an inspiring story is Julia Barretto opened up about some of her realizations during the lockdown. 

According to the 23-year-old Kapamilya celebrity, the lockdown made her realize how she’s the happiest when she’s at home. 

“For me, home is like your safe den. It’s the place we feel safest in. And you know, when we went into lockdown or in quarantine, that’s when I realized I am happiest when I’m home. It’s true when they say ‘home is where the heart is.’ And now, I can attest to that,” she said. '

Julia, who moved into her new home in 2019, also shared how it feels like to fully enjoy for the first time what she has worked hard for in the past couple of years. 

“Like I was really given all the time to enjoy the fruit of my hard work. It’s like I was at home every day for how many months. It was the time I was able to let it all sink in. Because when this was built, I was still busy so I was always out of the house. I was truly enjoying it and then I really appreciate it … the whole home more — because you know, I worked so hard for it,” she shared. 

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Meanwhile, Julia also shared what made her decide to recruit her siblings and raise funds to build a quarantine facility for frontliners. 

“I couldn’t just stay home watch the news knowing that I was blessed with the ability to help others. You know, I called up my siblings — my sisters — and I felt like it was best to partner up with them because we’re all in the same page. Like we wanted to do something. So the first thing we did was we contacted the people who built facilities and then we called out through social media to help donate so we can build one,” she said. 



She went on: “And the reason why we did a fundraiser was we wanted people to feel like they were a part of something and that a little amount of money can be such a huge help. So we were able to build a facility for frontliners who couldn’t go home to their families because they didn’t want to expose anything, right?” 

Watch the video below: 

The emergency quarantine facility Julia Barretto built with her siblings opened last April at the Fe del Mundo Medical Center. 

Designed by WTA Design Studio, the 6x26-meter facility has 15 beds and two toilets.