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  • Mas naging kampante raw si Andi Eigenmann ng makita nito ang relasyon ni Philmar Alipayo sa anak na si Ellie.

Andi Eigenmann, ibinahagi kung paano niya nalamang may ‘future’ siya kay Philmar Alipayo

Mas naging kampante raw si Andi Eigenmann ng makita nito ang relasyon ni Philmar Alipayo sa anak na si Ellie.

Andi Eigenmann, ibinahagi kung paano niya nalamang may ‘future’ siya kay Philmar Alipayo-PUSH TEAM


08/06/2020 04:29 PM
Andi Eigenmann, ibinahagi kung paano niya nalamang may ‘future’ siya kay Philmar Alipayo
Photo Credit: @andieigengirl Instagram

Sa unang pagkakataon ay ibinahagi ni Andi Eigenmann at ng partner nitong si Philmar Alipayo ang kwento kung paano sila nagkakilala at kung paano nahulog ang damdamin nila sa isa’t-isa sa kalaunan.



Bago magsimulang sagutin ang mga katanungan ng kanilang mga taga-hanga, ibinahagi muna ni Andi kung bakit siya nagdesisyung mas maging bukas na pag-usapan ang tungkol sa kanilang relasyon sa publiko.

“A lot of you have been asking us questions and requesting that we do a vlog that talks more about how we are as a couple and how we are so that you know, we can just get to know each other even more. This is a first time for both of us to be talking about our relationship and sharing just things about each other,” saad ni Andi. 

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Ayon kay Andi, una silang nagkakilala ni Philmar nang pumunta siya sa awarding ng kompetisyong sinalihan nito habang nasa Siargao siya upang magbakasyon. 

“Is it awarding? In September, yeah. And I came from vacation. I went to Siargao for a vacation. And we were invited to go to the Boulevard where the awarding ceremony was. And then I saw him [drinking] and he gave me a shot. He gave me a Tequila shot tapos I made pa-picture,” ani Andi. 



Spending the last day of 2019 the best way we know how! Enjoying the day out with eachother with some sun sand and the sea! I am incredibly grateful to have these three and my life and to welcome the new year with them- my favorite people in the world! You three brought so much light and joy into my life and I only wish to be able to spend a zillion years with you guys to give all that love back!❤️ We have so much adventures to go on and goals to meet next year and Im happy to share these dreams with you. We are all so stoked to be able to be able to share these moments with you all as well! Via my Youtube channel (link in bio) hehe so be sure to like & subscribe! Happy new year to all!❤️❤️❤️

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Ngunit ayon kay Philmar, hindi niya pa kilala si Andi noong mga panahong iyon. “I didn’t know her,” aniya.

Pagbabahagi ni Andi, siya mismo ang lumapit kay Philmar para magpa-picture dahil kilala niya ito bilang isang sikat na professional surfer.

“I’m the one that made pa-picture. Nakakahiya. But I know that he didn’t know and palagi siyang pinapakilala sa lahat ng tao kasi siyempre professional surfer based here in Siargao. Ako nagpa-picture ako kasi fan talaga kami ng mga friends ko because we’re fans of surfing. From then on, naging friends na kami — like commenting on the Instagram,” ani Andi. 

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Sunod namang ibinahagi ni Andi ang kwento kung paano nahulog ang puso nila sa isa’t-isa. Ayon kay Andi, nagsimula ito nang lumipad siyang papuntang Siargao ng mag-isa at dinala siya ng kanyang kaibigan isang dapithapon sa isang tulay na matatagpuan sa isla. 

“In the bridge. There’s a bridge. Si Ate Hariette. She was our friend and I went here to Siargao by myself. Since Ellie’s not going to be with me, I went to Siargao tapos niyaya ako ni Ate Hariette to hang out with her and her friends in the bridge. Sunset. So Philmar arrived,” ani Andi. 

Paglilinaw naman ni Philmar: “No, I was fishing.” Tanong ni Andi: “What, you know how to fish already [at that time]? Sagot naman ni Philmar: “Yeah, I started fishing when I was fourteen, I think.”

Pagpapatuloy pa ni Philmar: “So when I came back home, my mom told me that ‘Papsky is looking for you with a friend. Like an actor-friend. He knows you.’ But I didn’t know her. Who is it? There in the bridge. I just followed. And then it was her.” 

Ayon pa kay Andi, alam ni Philmar na marami siyang followers sa Instagram ngunit hindi nito alam na sikat siyang artista hindi raw umano ito masyadong nanonood ng TV dahil busy sa pagti-training. 

Saad ni Andi: “Philmar knew my name like Andi and you know, that I had a lot of followers on Instagram. But he wasn’t exactly sure what I did. Like he never saw me on TV. Sabi ko nga ‘You never watched TV?’ ‘Of course, I’m surfing!’” 



We’ve all somehow picked up a new hobby or found a new passion during this time, somehow! @chepoxz’ is spearfishing! For most of the locals, this is a common form of livelihood. Their fresh catch usually goes straight to the market or is served to us at restaurants. Lately, most of it is to be brought home to their families. I am so grateful to be one of those. Suddenly, (mindanao) pinaksiw tastes a hundred times better, because the fish is caught for me.Haha but really, it’s because seeing Philmar (i’ve actually gone with him and have my own tiny gun as well haha) made me realise how much hard work is put into catching them just for us to have something to eat!

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Ayon naman kay Andi, mas nahulog siya kay Philmar nang makita niya kung paano ito makitungo sa anak niya kay Jake Ejercito na si Ellie. 

“I think that’s what made me more comfortable with Philmar is that me getting to know him, it’s the same for him because he didn’t know anything about me. I had to share everything. So that was really nice and refreshing. And we’ve gotten really close and we got along so well,” saad ni Andi. 

Pagpapatuloy niya pa: “We were always hanging out and then I was going to go back to Manila. And he came to Manila. Again with Ate Harriette because he was going to to Zambales for a training. I came along. And obviously, our relationship got stronger. And for me, I really knew that there’s a future because of his relationship with Ellie.” 

Panoorin ang video sa baba: 

Sa ngayon ay naninirahan na si Andi sa isla ng Siargao kasama si Philmar at anak nilang dalawa na si Lilo.