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Awra Briguela apologizes for ‘cultural appropriation’

Awra Briguela apologizes after posting photos of himself with cornrow braids.

Awra Briguela apologizes for ‘cultural appropriation’-PUSH TEAM


08/29/2020 02:10 PM
Awra Briguela apologizes for ‘cultural appropriation’
Photo credit: @AwraBriguelaaa Twitter Page

Awra Briguela has issued an apology after getting himself into hot water for cultural appropriation or the adoption of the identity of another culture. 

Last Thursday, August 27, Awra posted photos of himself with braided hair on Twitter and captioned it: “I don’t need a weapon. I am one.”

While several people appreciated his look, there were also those who asked him to take down the photos for alleged cultural appropriation — prompting a debate on social media. 

One netizen with the username @kentonsoup wrote: “I was rooting for you... but your hair. Don't make that a fashion, it’s disrespectful.” 

After getting attacked for calling out Awra, @kentonsoup quoted a thread from another netizen explaining the history and impact of hairstyles in Black culture. 

“Let’s start with cornrows. if you didn’t know already, cornrows are small, tight braids laid on the scalp. these braids originated in Africa and were used by enslaved African Americans as maps and escape routes from their slave owners,” wrote @justfairytingz in a tweet. 

Amid the criticisms, several netizens came to Awra’s defense and said that there’s nothing wrong with what he did considering that a lot of Filipinos get their hair braided. 

Naloka ako sa mga comments. When I was in Bora daming nag papabraids don .. and here sa Cebu? nag papa-braids ‘yung friend ko sa isang Nigerian last Sinulog,” another netizen wrote. 

Awra, for his part, acknowledged that what he did was wrong and immediately apologized for what he did to his followers. 

He wrote: “Hi guys I just wanted to apologize for my recent post. I wasn't fully aware that cornrow hairstyles has a long history of discrimination. I sincerely apologize for this mistake and I hope we all learn from this. Thanks to everyone who reached out and educated me!”

In another tweet, he added: “I’m not always right and that's okay, I'm still learning, growing, and improving.”

The fight for racial equity among Black people remains one of the most important issues around the world due to their long history of discrimination. 

Last May, hundreds of protests were staged across the world following what many referred to as a “racially-charged" event which led to the death of a man named George Floyd.