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Liza Soberano admits going through an ‘ugly duckling’ phase

Pretty actress Liza Soberano shares how she couldn’t appreciate her own beauty.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/26/2020 09:44 AM
Liza Soberano admits going through an ‘ugly duckling’ phase
Photo Credit: @lizasoberano Instagram

After the abrupt cancellation of her series Make it With You last June, Liza Soberano made it known how she felt sad for the fans who would not be able to watch the ending they deserve of the latest LizQuen romantic drama. That same month, the 22-year-old Fil-American actress and model also admitted she had been experiencing anxiety attacks ever since the pandemic had been affecting the whole world.

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Despite being known as one of the most beautiful faces in the country today, Liza admitted she is just like any average girl who goes through an “ugly duckling” phase. “Honestly, yes. I think we all have our own versions of ourselves that we imagine and that we want for ourselves. But we can never really attain it because of course we only want the best for ourselves. Before, I couldn’t really appreciate the beauty that I already had or the beauty that others would see in me because I’d pinpoint all the little things that I don’t like in myself. But I realized that it’s more important to focus on the whole package and to just appreciate what God gave you. So if I get one pimple or two, I don’t like to stress out about it anymore because I know it’s a natural process of being a human and it will go away. We can get through it,” she shared during the NIVEA Blooming Pink range launch and online conference. 

Liza said that not having to go to taping for a series or movie at the moment has given her skin time to rest from heavy makeup.

“I know a lot of us know this already because we’ve been using alcohol a lot lately. You can see how drying or how it can damage our skin. When I’m doing a shoot, usually I wash my face twice a day. But if it’s a commercial shoot I can’t, that’s like way too much makeup to remove. But for a taping or a movie shooting, probably after lunch I’ll wash my face and re-apply my makeup just to allow my face to kind of rest for a bit while I’m enjoying a meal or even just to freshen up because sometimes, especially when we’re shooting under the sun, we get really sweaty and oily and all that dirt can just build up on your skin and on top of your makeup. And that can really bad. It can cause breakouts,” she said.