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Liza Soberano on frontliners: ‘They’re not in this battle alone’

Actress Liza Soberano sympathizes with the struggles of fellow Filipinos working through the pandemic.

Liza Soberano on frontliners: ‘They’re not in this battle alone’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/21/2020 11:59 AM
Liza Soberano on frontliners: ‘They’re not in this battle alone’
Photo Credit: @lizasoberano Instagram

Just like the rest of the country, actress Liza Soberano has also been deeply affected by the national lockdown. She said the two branches of her businesses in Quezon City and Alabang have yet to reopen since the Enhanced Community was implemented last March. “Sad to say, I haven’t been able to open up Hope Wellness recently. Actually it’s been closed since the start of the pandemic. And it’s pretty tough on us but we’re still thinking of ways, like as soon as GCQ comes back, we’re still thinking of ways of how we can be of service to our loyal customers and thinking of ways to kind of change it but leave the same relaxing feeling of the spa and everything. But of course, with the new safety protocols that we have to abide with,” she shared during the launch of NIVEA’s new Blooming Pink range and virtual conference earlier this month. 

As a show of solidarity with the frontliners working through the pandemic, Liza shared how she tried to do her part by packing relief goods for different barangays around her area. “I think I prepared relief goods for over 300 families. And then we prepared meals for the frontliners and I would even write little notes for them because I felt like more than the food, what they needed at that moment were words of encouragement because it’s important for them to know that they’re not in this battle alone,” she said.

Liza also sympathized with the sacrifices of the frontliners. “Because it could feel like that. I know that they’re isolated and they stay away from their families because they’re battling the coronavirus and they don’t want to risk getting their families infected too. So I can only imagine how lonely it must feel. It’s important to encourage them and let them feel that we’re all in this together and we’re doing our part as citizens of the Philippines and citizens of the earth to help them,” she added.

While doing home quarantine, the NIVEA Blooming Pink range endorser also shared how she kept physically and mentally healthy. “Over the course of the quarantine, we realized how important it is to care for ourselves, our whole wellbeing, not just our mental health, but even our physical looks. And I would honestly say that there are a lot of times that I still do not sleep early even though I have the time to do so because I’m busy din watching a new K-drama or whatever and I do not know harmful that can be for our skin. I’m used to working 24/7 and working late in the night so I know how tiring and dull it can make my skin look. So I realized how important it is to balance out our lifestyle by eating the right food, by drinking a lot of water, by getting enough sleep and even exercising. And it’s also good that we have a good support system that can help take care of our skin at the same time. So I make sure to clean and care for my skin,” she explained.

One important advice Liza had to share with her fans is to be supportive of those who are risking their lives just to help fight the pandemic. “I know it can be lonely at home for a lot of those people who don’t have anyone that they’re living with. It’s important to reconnect with people that you haven’t had the opportunity to talk to before this pandemic because you never know if somebody is facing some rough challenges as well. Just try to be more open and try to be more in touch with yourself,” she said.