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Richard Juan aspires to empower the youth with his new role as SOS goodwill ambassador

Richard Juan is the newest goodwill ambassador for youth empowerment of SOS Children’s Village.



08/19/2020 05:21 PM
Richard Juan aspires to empower the youth with his new role as SOS goodwill ambassador
Photo Credit: @richardjuan Instagram

Aside from being an actor and a host, Richard Juan has taken on a new role as an ambassador of a global non-profit organization.

The Love Thy Woman star recently inked a partnership with SOS Children's Village as their newest Goodwill Ambassador for Youth Empowerment. For years, the organization has been providing a home for children who lost parental care and who were abandoned.

With his massive influence, Richard hopes to spread the word about the organization and be of aid in helping SOS flourish even more in the Philippines. 

“I really want to use my platform to get the SOS Children’s Village’s name out there and reach more people. This non-profit organization has been doing so many good things for so long and they definitely need to have as much support as they can! They have empowered these neglected or abandoned children by providing a family for them by giving them a new supportive family that guides them and protects them. And the best part of all this is that so many of these kids have gone on to do great things! I remember some of them have scholarships in the US and one even became a pilot!” Richard shared in an interview with PUSH. 



To wrap up my birthday celebration this year, I would like to officially share with you that I am now the new SOS Children’s Village Philippines Goodwill Ambassador! @sosphilippines is a children’s organisation that I have been supporting consistently for awhile now, and it really is an honour to be part of this family. We had so many plans lined up supposedly for the children but we believe it’s only responsible of us to readjust and put those plans on hold for the time being due to the pandemic. I am still receiving messages on how to send me birthday gifts…but guys, can I suggest you to send your gifts to SOS Philippines instead! Orrrr...better yet, save them for next time when we visit the SOS Children’s Villages together 😇 PS. SWIPE to see a couple of rare footage of me dancing 😂

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Youth empowerment is something Richard is passionate about. Helping the young generation nurture their potential is what the actor aspires to do with his ambassadorship. 

“For me, youth empowerment is the youth being true to themselves, following not anyone’s path but their chosen path; the path that will not just make them grow but will make them happy and productive in the long run. Youth empowerment also means to enable the youth, to allow them to grow in the right environment, and hoping that they can have the power to make the world a better place,” he said. 



Reflecting on his own personal journey, the actor-host understands the value of having a support system, just like what SOS has been providing the kids under their care. 

“Having a good support system is vital in becoming who I am today. My family has always been extremely supportive in everything that I do, sometimes, even too much! Let it be personal issues, let it work, let it be sports, everything! They would always go out of the way to just help make things happen for me. But let me also add here is that I’m very blessed to also have my ‘non-biological’ family that supports me well,” he stated.



Richard has many plans for his partnership with SOS. For one, he wants to be the “kuya” of the kids. 

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“I guess I’m looking forward to being the kids’ kuya or someone they can look up to and trust. To perhaps also be their friend, and someone they feel safe to be around. Sana they won't see me as a celeb or influencer but in a way treat me like their family! Because that’s what SOS Children’s Village is all about - family.  Most of the kids in SOS have past traumas, and I hope I can help them heal from that,” Richard remarked.