Gary Valenciano reprises ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ online concert

Gary Valenciano continues to inspire with his music.

Leo Bukas

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08/17/2020 06:04 PM
Gary Valenciano reprises ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ online concert

Gary Valenciano reprises his online fundraising concert titled Faith, Hope, Love (FHL) via livestream on August 22, Saturday, 9 p.m. on his official Facebook page with delayed telecasts on the same date sa Kapamilya Online channel at 9:30 p.m. and Kapamilya Channel at 11 p.m.



Over the course of his now legendary career, Mr. Pure Energy has transcended the roles of singer-songwriter-musical arranger-actor-director-total performer. When he speaks, audiences listen and hope is renewed.

It is no wonder that during this lockdown, thousands have turned to him not just for his music, but more importantly, for his message that uplifts and provides light amidst darkness and hopelessness. 

What does it really mean for us to seek faith, hope, and love in the time of corona?  Gary has used much of his time in lockdown to reflect on these questions as he goes through each day in his own home.

“God has given the whole world a major time-out, He shows how we ought to focus on what matters most, our own personal relationships with our Creator, the true treasures we have in our families and our friends, front liners who risk their lives daily to care for sick strangers, how to accept the unimaginable blows of losing jobs and incomes along with millions of Filipinos. God challenged me to re-assess what I should be working for, how best to use the gifts He’s given me – my mental, physical, and creative energies,” said Gary.

Sa kabila ng kanyang mga usual activities—physical workouts, quality time spent with family, learning new crafts and skills, or simply being present and mindful in the moment, Gary made a profound discovery in his social isolation: “He wants us to be still. There’s a reason why He doesn’t just want us to be still and not do anything. He wants us to be still and know that he is God.”

This stillness the past five months has unleashed a wellspring of creative energy, resulting in an unprecedented streak of amazing online content from Gary. His music videos – “Take Me Out Of The Dark,” “Break Me” and “Could You Be Messiah” plus videos he produced for ASAP Natin ‘To such as “Shout For Joy,” “Gaya Ng Dati,” and “Sa Yahweh Ang Sayaw” have amassed close to ten million views and hundreds of thousands of positive reactions globally across YouTube and Facebook platforms.



Among the many things he found himself involved in, Gary discovered fulfilling joy in his advocacy projects. He participated in numerous online fundraisers such as Bayanihan Musikahan, Gary V Hopeful, Buhat Paglaum, and the latest one, Faith, Hope, Love, in collaboration with ABS-CBN Foundation last June 20.

To date, Gary has raised a total of over P13M for various fundraising endeavors. “I was just a conduit,” Gary narrates, “The viewers, the fans, the donors made it happen. Plus the ABS-CBN team pulled out all stops to market and promote the effort. Everyone came together to give as many people as possible the chance to contribute to the vision.”

Gary’s passion for craft and innovation bore fruit in the success of the first Faith, Hope, Love online fundraiser, featuring guest artists Martin Nievera, Yeng Constantino, Kiana Valenciano, and The Manoeuvres, with the special participation of Jed Madela, Erik Santos, KZ Tandingan, Morissette, Inigo Pascual, Jason Dy, Klarisse Guzman, and Jona.

Take 2 of FHL may be a repeat of the first, but expect a few twists in store. Many missed Gab Valenciano in the last concert and he promised to join this special fundraiser for the special event.

Gary notes, “For this second round, we will continue to raise funds for the Sagip Kapamilya cause, for the scholarship fund especially. So many families, deprived of income, have been unable to enroll their children for the incoming schoolyear.  This is a tragedy.



If some people only knew the true scope and depth of the plight of our beloved medical frontliners...maybe they wouldn’t be too quick to speak. And maybe they’d understand at what lengths these courageous men and women take to help keep safe as many fellow Filipinos as they can in the midst of the pandemic we’re all facing. Their voices must be heard and acted upon. This isn’t the time to be ignorant of the sacrifices these individuals have made, or to be heartless to the amount of work these people have already done and will continue to do. God bless every frontliner...God bless us all. 🙏🏼♥️🇵🇭#frontliners #frontlinersph

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“The pandemic needs are huge, the needs never ending – the protection of our front liners, the urban poor, and millions of children who need to be protected as well. No government has ever faced a crisis of this nature.  The goal is for everyone to come together – to have fun and at the same time, increase awareness for the intense call to show love and support for our Kapamilyas by raising funds to meet very real and urgent needs.”

The second round of the FHL will be another testament to Gary’s commitment to serve his industry, his country, and his Savior. Faith, Hope, Love 2 is for the benefit of ABS-CBN Foundation’s “Pantawid Ng Pag-Ibig”.

Faith Hope Love: The Repeat is a production of Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management, Inc and GV Productions Inc. in cooperation with the Kapamilya Channel. Mapapanood ito nang live sa