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Julia Barretto on working Joshua Garcia again: ‘We really chose to save the friendship’

Julia Barretto on working Joshua Garcia again: ‘We really chose to save the friendship’

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/15/2020 09:21 AM
Julia Barretto on working Joshua Garcia again: ‘We really chose to save the friendship’
Photo credit: @juliabarretto and @garciajoshuae IG

After parting ways last year, Julia Barretto said it was not hard to work again with former flame Joshua Garcia in their new digital film Love Unlock where she plays his ex-girlfriend from college who reconnects with their barkada online during the lockdown. “It was fun. It was nice to be working with him again. I feel like iba ang pagkakaintindihan namin ni Josh pag umaarte na kaming dalawa. Iba yung connect namin pag umaarte na kami kaya kahit through Zoom lang siya, parang it was so easy to do the scenes. Parang bawat take, bawat break, naiintindihan na namin if we want another take, kung ano magiging atake namin. Everything came so naturally so it was fun working with him again,” she revealed.

With all the buzz regarding her and Joshua following each other’s social media accounts again this past week, Julia said she would like to remind viewers that their episode E-numan is more than just about romance. “Madami rin kaming makakasama dito so I feel like nung first two days namin nag-si-script reading and rehearsals, dun namin prinactice talaga yung camaraderie namin as group of friends. Kasi this is a story also of a barkada so kailangan namin i-build din yung chemistry nun so I think marami rin nag-adlib na mga artists para lang maging mas natural lang yung pagkakaibigan namin. Kumbaga parang since high school and college talaga kaming magkakaibigan. Simple adlibs like that,” she explained.

More than acting in front of the camera, Julia said he and Josh both have aspirations to be more collaborative in their next projects, whether or not they are working with each other. “I think first of all, we’re just so excited to be reunited for this project that’s coming out on Saturday. We always talk about our dreams stories to do and our dream theme songs for the movie. Parang we’ve always wanted to pitch some stories. Kasi marami pa kaming gusto i-pitch na stories din. But I think ang kinakatuwa lang namin parehas is yung friendship talaga na mine-maintain namin. We have such a good friendship right now and we’re both really at ease with each other and nakakapag-asaran pa kami like what we were doing last night. And it’s so nice to have that and I think being good friends and being at peace with each other is the reason why we’re in a really good place right now. It’s because we’re okay, we’re really good friends,” she said.

During the recent virtual media con for Love Unlock, the actress shared tips on how she was able to work so smoothly with an ex-boyfriend. “I think it always takes two to tango so hindi ko lang naman siya kagagawan. I think it’s from both of our ends to really save the friendship. We really chose to save the friendship kasi sayang eh. Sayang. We had a lot of good memories together and we were also friends before we became lovers so we wanted to just go back to that and save the friendship. And our communication is constant. I don’t know talagang we saved the friendship and hindi namin ginustong isayang lang yung mga bagay bagay. I think that’s the foundation of everything. If you have a good friendship, you can naturally do everything in peace so we were able to work in peace, we’re able to go face-to-face in peace, talk to each other at peace. So ayun grateful ako kasi pina-mature talaga kami ng panahon ni Josh,” she said.