WATCH: Miss Everything gives a tour of her newly rebuilt house

Miss Everything’s house finally has a roof again!

WATCH: Miss Everything gives a tour of her newly rebuilt house-PUSH TEAM


07/09/2020 02:52 PM
WATCH: Miss Everything gives a tour of her newly rebuilt house

Months after Typhoon Ambo destroyed her home in Calbayog, Western Samar, social media sensation Ericka Camata, better known to her fans as Miss Everything, shared a photo of her newly rebuilt house. 

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“Last past ago or later ago or yes a while ago, my house is ruining by storm like bagyong Ambo. So I will be saying to the people that my very wonderful house is now wonderful remade. So now my house is updated,” she said before taking her fans on a tour around her house.

Miss Everything, who focused more on fixing the roof of her house rather than doing renovations around the interiors of her house, proved to her fans that she is still living a simple life up to this day.  

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She also took his fans around her living room which also serves as a makeshift studio for some of his vlogs. Some of the paintings her fans gave her can be seen hanging around its walls. 

Meanwhile, the bathroom — which is located outside her house — is situated near the side of the road. 

“Actually it’s not very good but Kuya made this. My brother made this kind of consideration. And also, it’s liver here,” she said. 

Thanking everyone who helped her rebuild his once destructed house, the online sensation said: “I would like to shout-out the very wonderful who are helping me. I don’t have a paper now to say their names. It’s very more. You know na who you are going to help me and that’s consideration is the most functional way.” 

Watch the video below: 

Miss Everything rose to fame after going viral for her TikTok videos.