Macky Mathay is very proud for his son’s Roan ‘big transformation’

Macky Mathay’s son Roan drops more than 50 pounds.

Macky Mathay is very proud for his son’s Roan ‘big transformation’-Leo Bukas
Leo Bukas

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07/09/2020 03:38 PM
Macky Mathay is very proud for his son’s Roan ‘big transformation’

Very inspiring sa mga gustong maging physically fit at pumayat ang nangyari sa anak ni Macky Mathay, boyfriend ni Sunshine Cruz, na si Roan Mathay na napakalaki ng naging pagbabago sa katawan.

Overweight si Roan dati pero sa kanyang latest photo ay pumayat na ito. Kung dati ay 208 lbs. siya ngayon ay 149 lbs. na lang ang kanyang timbang.

“My son Roan has been overweight all through out his life, from being a very healthy baby, to a chubby toddler, then a chunky middle schooler.

“Mid 2019 he has been watching his diet by gradually taking away rice from his daily food intake, whenever he would eat he would only have ulam. Little by little he was already losing weight. But I am sure that when he felt the difference (body being more comfortable and lighter) he decided on his own to take it to another level,” kuwento ni Macky.

Intermittent fasting ang sinasabing dahilan ni Macky kung bakit pumayat ang kanyang anak.

“During this time of pandemic, he did intermittent fasting, only having one full meal a day and before the 8-hour window ends would just snack on healthy food. He then even took it to a higher level by being a pescatarian,” lahad pa niya.

May mensahe rin ang ama kay Roan.

“I am ecstatic that you are happy with the change in your lifestyle. It is important for me that you are. I am so proud of you Ro, I remember when I saw you gaining so much weight I didn’t want to hurt your feelings by getting mad at you, I would just talk to you properly by saying that maybe you should lessen what you ate.

“I wanted you to realize and want the change for yourself because true is the fact that if we want something, and our heart is in the right place, we will really build the discipline to strive to achieve it. Again I am very proud of you and you know that dad loves you so much,” message niya sa anak.