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Did Markus Paterson defend Janella Salvador in his latest tweets?

Markus Paterson also called out the toxic culture on social media.



7/9/2020 10:09 AM
Did Markus Paterson defend Janella Salvador in his latest tweets?

Photo Credit: @markus and @superjanella Instagram

Following the accusations thrown at his rumored girlfriend Janella Salvador by the latter's former personal assistant, Markus Paterson touched on the subjects of employment and salary in his recent tweets.

Janella was accused by her former assistant named Michelle Pelongco of not paying her Php 3,600 for the 12 days of service she rendered to the actress.

"It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you’re smart, the money you spend should be worth it. Let’s say for example, if a company hires an employee and that employee doesn’t work or do his/her job, siyempre mawawalan siya ng trabaho," Markus said on his Twitter page.

He further explained, "If that employee was fired halfway through the month, does that employee have the right to ask for his/her suweldo for the full month?"



He also expressed his disappointment in social media's toxic culture and on how people are prying into other people's lives even in the middle of a global health crisis. 



"Sa totoo lang, social media nowadays is so toxic with people trying to get the latest gossip in other people’s lives. Look at the year the world has had. Look at the year this country has had. We have bigger issues to be working on. Let’s start with ya’ll attitude," he posted. 

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On Wednesday, July 8, Janella addressed the accusations of her former assistant and dared the latter to bring the matter to the court.

"I really don't believe I have to defend myself because trial by media is not the appropriate venue for this. If you believe in your own lies and I really violated something, sue me," the actress said.



She added, "If you're going to twist the story in your desperate attempt to get money from me... sorry, hun. 3.6K is small and I would gladly give it to someone who deserves it. Not worth my time."

Janella and Markus have been rumored to be dating after having been spotted together on several occasions. The two Kapamilya stars have not confirmed the real score between them.