Charlie Puth responds to fans accusing him of using K-Pop group BTS for clout

Charlie Puth asked fans to stop the hate on social media.



07/08/2020 11:24 AM
Charlie Puth responds to fans accusing him of using K-Pop group BTS for clout
Photo Credit: @charlieputh and @BTS_twt on Twitter

American singer Charlie Puth has had enough with the accusations that he is using K-Pop group BTS for clout as he recently took to Twitter to ask fans to stop spreading hate on social media.

The “Attention” singer, who has time and again expressed his admiration for the K-Pop group, said that while he isn’t one to mind such comments, he felt the need to end to what he described as “dangerous” and “toxic” internet screaming match. 

“I don’t usually pay any mind to things like this, but something has to be said. This dangerous, toxic, internet screaming match between ‘fandoms’ has to stop. I’m 28 years old, so it doesn’t really mean anything to me when some person I don’t know writes a nasty message to me saying things like ‘I used BTS for clout’. I don’t know what that means- I love those guys and they are super talented,” Charlie wrote. 




The 28-year-old singer also said that he is speaking on behalf of the younger kids on Twitter who might be feeling the same kind of toxicity on the online platform.

“But what I do know is that 10 years ago, language like this directed towards me would’ve affected me deeply in a very negative way. And I’m thinking about all the other younger kids on Twitter seeing stuff like this on a daily basis,” he stated. 



Imploring fans to spread love instead, Charlie said it would be better if people would be nicer to each other. 

“It may sound cliche, but please be nicer to each other on here. No more screaming about made up nonsense. It does nobody any good. We all need to love each other more than ever right now,” he wrote. 



One of Charlie Puth’s biggest fans is Jungkook of BTS.  

BTS, one of the biggest K-Pop groups today, has broken one record after another. The seven-piece group is the hitmaker behind songs “Boy With Luv,” “IDOL,” “MIC Drop,” and “FAKE LOVE,” among others.

Meanwhile, Charlie Puth has likewise released hits such as “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” “One Call Away,” and “How Long.”