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  • Idinaan nina Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera at iba pang bituin ang kanilang suporta at panalangin sa social media para sa ABS-CBN.

Martin Nievera at Gary Valenciano, humiling ng panalangin para sa franchise ng ABS-CBN

Idinaan nina Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera at iba pang bituin ang kanilang suporta at panalangin sa social media para sa ABS-CBN.

Martin Nievera at Gary Valenciano, humiling ng panalangin para sa franchise ng ABS-CBN-PUSH TEAM


07/04/2020 06:24 PM
Martin Nievera at Gary Valenciano, humiling ng panalangin para sa franchise ng ABS-CBN
Photo credits to @martinnievera & @garyvalenciano on Instagram

United ang Kapamilya employee, stars and supporters para sa hiling na renewal na franchise ng Kapamilya network.

Sa kani-kanilang mga social media, idinaan ng mga bituin ang kanilang panawagan para humingi ng dasal at panalangin para sa pagpapatuloy ng serbisyo publiko ng ABS-CBN sa mga Pilipino.

Isa na dito si Martin Nievera na hindi rin napigilan na magpahayag ng kaniyang saloobin para sa kanyang mother station.

Sa isang mahabang social media post ng singer, nakiusap siya sa publiko na magka-isa sa hamon na ito hindi lang ng ABS-CBN, kundi ng bawat Pilipino.

Ayon kay Martin, ito ang pambihirang pagkakataon na dumulog siya para sa kaniyang kapwa Kapamilya.

"Just wanted to share a letter I wrote and sent to all the congressmen and congress women . To all the lawmakers in the hearing I took a chance and humbly wrote this-

“Concerned kapamilya”

"To all our dear congressmen and congress women , your honors ,

"Please forgive my poor attempt to write you all. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so please bare with me.

"I am a concerned artist and have been with ABS-CBN for more than half my life. I am not writing you today to save my job or even to save the jobs of the thousands of others. I am writing you today because I believe you will read it and hopefully understand where I am coming from as a proud artist on ABS-CBN.

"I am simply here to speak my heart. The Filipino people of this great nation as well as those who have migrated all over the world, I feel, need to have us continue doing what we do best. They need to be informed, inspired and entertained. I know there is maybe one other channel who can supply them with all this, but I strongly believe that abs cbn through the years have developed their own viewership of Filipinos who depend only on them to give them all of the above.

"My heart breaks just to think that all of you would want us off the air completely. I am aware that we may have made some mistakes through the years and I understand that you are all doing your job, but please give us a chance to improve ourselves. Please please let us try and prove ourselves worthy of a second chance to right all our wrongs and continue to be in service of the Filipinos all over the world.

"I know you must be so tired of hearing that line, but it’s so true. I trust all of you who work tirelessly to make the laws that keep this country together and I thank you all for your service, but please let me; let us help you unite this country further by doing our jobs as kapamilya.

"I can’t believe for one second that any of you would want ABS-CBN off the air just to be off the air. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I am sure if given a chance abs cbn can correct their mistakes and I would think you would want them to do so, so we all can move forward. I can not imagine the Philippines without ABS-CBN. I can’t believe that you could. I believe if we had another chance and you grant us this new franchise that we could help unite our people with our songs, laughter, news and fundraisers when help is needed. We can also help all of you by having your voices heard for whatever whenever.

"I would like to think that we all could work together for the better good. Just give us a chance to prove ourselves.

"Let's find solutions. Let’s find answers. Let’s find a way to make this work. I can not imagine for one second that you would not want to fix anything and just keep us off the air. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. If there is a problem or a fault on our part why can’t we just find solutions and move on?

"With every ounce of humility that I can muster I beg of you, please give us a chance to be better, to correct our mistakes . Let us work together in harmony from this day forward. Help us help you make this a better Philippines by keeping us on the air. I know the decision lies in your hands, so with every prayer I can remember I pray you all make the right decision where it’s a win win for all concerned.

Respectfully yours,

Martin Nievera”

Bukod kay Martin, nagpahayag na rin ng kanilang suporta para sa panalangin ang ilan pang ASAP Natin To Family, tulad ni Gary Valenciano, na idinaan sa isang video ang panawagan para sa suporta sa ABS-CBN.

Sa official Facebook page ni Gary, inihayag niya ang suporta para sa TV network.

“Every once in a while I am lead in my heart to just share what comes out of it.

Please know friends, that I understand that we may all be from different sides and therefore have different insights and opinions with regard to the issues we all face as a nation.

"Many of you have supported me for years on the network, and for this I will be eternally grateful.
I’m posting this here to hopefully reach the honorable men and women in the House of Representatives who will make a crucial decision on Monday. And no matter what the outcome may be, I am thankful for all of you and will forever be in the service of the Filipino.

"May God bless us all...and may He pour upon each of you the desires of your heart,” caption ni Gary sa post.

Sa darating na Lunes, July 6, muling haharap sa Congress ang ABS-CBN executives sa pangunguna ng president and CEO Carlo Lopez Katigbak at diringin ang mga boto ng kongresista kung makakapagpatuloy pa ba ang ABS-CBN sa pagbibigay serbisyo sa Pilipino.