WATCH: Julia Barretto cooks dinner for her mom in her home

Marjorie Barretto praised daughter Julia for her cooking.

WATCH: Julia Barretto cooks dinner for her mom in her home-PUSH TEAM

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07/31/2020 08:49 AM
WATCH: Julia Barretto cooks dinner for her mom in her home
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For her latest vlog, Julia Barretto decided to feature her experience cooking a recipe close to her mom’s heart. 

According to Julia, her mom Marjorie Barretto personally asked to cook for her since the two of them are going to have dinner before attending a virtual meeting.

“My mom and I have an important meeting. But before we attend the meeting, we had planned on having dinner together and she had requested for me to make dinner for tonight,” Julia said. 

The 23-year-old star decided to make her mom’s Beef Salpicao recipe. But since she didn’t have beef at home, Julia decided to switch to chicken meat. 

“Mommy has this Beef Salpicao recipe. And it’s very yummy — mom’s beef salpicao. And she actually made a video for it on her YouTube channel,” she said. 

She added: She told me to cook anything so I just want to surprise her and make her beef salpicao. It’s my first time ever trying her Beef Salpicao recipe, but I just want to switch things up and make it into chicken salpicao.” 

When Julia asked her how the Chicken Salpicao tasted, Marjorie replied: “Uy, ansarap. Very good. Yum, Jul.”

Marjorie added by praising her children’s cooking, saying their versions of her recipes usually turn out to be better than hers. 

“Magagaling na ang mga anak ko. When they try to make my recipe, nako mas masarap na ‘yung mga versions niyo,” she stated. 

On why she keeps cooking for her children, said: “The reason why I cook for you guys is that so you’ll keeping coming home.”

Sharing what advice she gives her kids about cooking, Marjorie said: “Kasi ‘di ba marami kayong tsamba-tsamba na mga recipe? So I tell my kids na to document it kahit sa phone nila. Kahit ‘yung steps lang.” 

“And then you should have an album on your phone that you put it all there. So when you feel like eating Chicken Salpicao. And it’s you who’s really cooking it. So mas maaalala mo ‘Oh, this is what I did.”

Watch the video below: 

According to Julia, it was the first time she showed her kitchen — which fans often seen in her Instagram posts — through her vlog. But the actress said she might do a kitchen tour in the future.

Meanwhile, Marjorie challenged Julia to a cooking showdown.