K Brosas contacts basher’s employer; receives an e-mail the following day

K Brosas taught one of her bashers a lesson.



07/31/2020 09:03 AM
K Brosas contacts basher’s employer; receives an e-mail the following day
Photo Credit: @kbrosas Instagram

Comedienne K Brosas taught one netizen a lesson: one's freedom to express oneself has boundaries — even on social media.

On Twitter, K shared how she handled an incident where one of her bashers attacked her with insulting words. Instead of responding and calling out the netizen, what the comedienne did was to contact the employer of the netizen to inform them hat she would file a case against one of their workers. 

“Share ko lang, sa fb fan page ko may isang basher na pimagmumura ako. Mula puyo hanggang talampakan at OA sa laswa ng message. Di ako sumagot. Naka-public sha w/ complete info. Tinawagan ko yung employer. Compirm. Sabi ko file ako kaso. Naloka! Award! Yun lang. Habanaysdey,” she wrote. 



In another tweet, K revealed that she found out that the basher’s profile on Facebook has been deactivated after she filed a complaint.

She wrote: “Update lang since sumabog pala yung tweet ko about sa basher sa Facebook na sinumbong ko sa employer. Nag deactivate na sha. May naka basa ata na iba na nasa ‘line up’ ko kaya may nag deactivate na din lol. Pero buti na save ko. Hihi. So araw araw isa-isa kayo saken. Tapang nyo eh!” 



On July 30, K gave an update to her fans and said that she received an e-mail from her basher’s employee informing her that they don’t tolerate such behavior and that they would take necessary actions.

“Good morning! Habang nagluluto ng afritada, naka recieve ako ng e-mail na ‘we don’t tolerate that kind of behavior mam, we will take necessary action etc.’ Habanaysdey,” she remarked. 



K Brosas has been actively responding to her bashers online especially those attacking her daughter for coming out as a lesbian.