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Celebrities who are savage AF when responding to bashers | Push Pins

Sassy, moody, nasty! These celebrities prove that they can be savage AF when triggered by online trolls and bashers.

Celebrities who are savage AF when responding to bashers | Push Pins-PUSH TEAM


07/31/2020 02:43 PM
Celebrities who are savage AF when responding to bashers | Push Pins

1. Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin has been receiving hateful comments recently for defending her mother network, ABS-CBN, and it seems like the actress has had enough of one of her bashers.

The netizen, whose username is @Ciama28, penned an open letter addressed to the 35-year-old actress blaming the Congressional hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal as the reason for the delay on the passage of the House Bill (HB) No. 6815.

Angel went on to defend her side through a series of tweets. She then warned the basher that she knows the person behind the said account and would do everything in her power to go after him should he not stop flooding her Twitter account.

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2. Sharon Cuneta

Megastar Sharon Cuneta has also been hitting back at bashers online after receiving hateful comments that are not only directed at her but also her family.

On one occasion, Sharon showed her protective momma side when her daughter Frankie received a rape threat from a certain Sonny Alcos.

The Megastar didn’t mince her words to protect Frankie and wrote a lengthy post on Instagram—which has since been deleted—showing her raging emotions. (pwede suguro screenshot ‘yung text na lang sa push website)

She then warned the netizen that she would track him down as she has the means to do it.



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3. Jennica Garcia

Jennica Garcia called out a netizen mocking one of her live sessions on streaming service Twitch, saying she only included the word sex in her post for clickbait and subscription.

The actress responded: “Malakas ang loob mo dahil hindi nakikita ang mukha mo.”

She also blocked the said account and concluded her post by telling those following her on Instagram that she doesn’t tolerate that kind of attitude, adding that sex isn’t disgusting — it’s all about perception.



BLOCKED. Una sa lahat pwede ka naman ulit gumawa ng bagong account dahil nagtatago ka kaya alam kong mababasa mo rin naman ito. 2 followers, private account, no profile pic. Malakas ang loob mo dahil hindi nakikita ang mukha mo. Click bait? Hindi mo napanood kaya hindi mo alam that it was discussed in the stream. Almost 50% of the live stream was about sex and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be talked about. SEX IS BEAUTIFUL ESPECIALLY WHEN DONE WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF MARRIAGE. It SHOULD be talked about more so that unwanted pregnancies that leads to abortion and SUICIDE due to a heartbreak can be lessened in the world. Letting people know of your own mistakes and struggles as single woman/man or being in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend has the power to make other people who are going through a difficult time know that they are not experiencing the pain alone. That other people go through it too and that they were able to rise above it. AND SO CAN THEY. Please lang, do not follow and do not subscribe just to see past episodes of my channel on Twitch with that attitude of yours. I don’t normally react to tasteless messages just like what you’ve sent but what’s disgusting really is NOT sex itself but HOW YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT.

A post shared by Jennica Garcia Uytingco (@jennicauytingco) on


4. Kiray Celis

Kiray Celis once again received criticisms online after posting a photo showing off her body. The 24-year-old actress couldn’t help but hit back at those body shaming her.

On Instagram, she wrote: “PWET nalang nga malaki sakin. Maliit na nga sa HEIGHT saka sa BOOBS.. Dami niyo pang sinasabi!”

She added: “Malaki man o maliit, maitim man o maputi. Wala kayong pake kung anong ipopost ng bawat isa.”

5. Vice Ganda

While Vice Ganda dedicates himself to making us happy through his funny quips, it doesn’t spare him from online bashing. For the longest time, the Unkabogable Star has been receiving criticisms online.

While he usually keeps mum about it, last May, Vice couldn’t help but address some of the bashing from netizens and told them to unfollow him if his tweets do not please them. He also told them to not be a “toxic follower.”

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6. Pokwang

Last March, Pokwang decided to help those who need food during the Luzon-wide “enhanced community quarantine.” Despite her good intentions, the 49-year-old celebrity still received negative criticisms from netizens—calling her “papansin” among others.

This is why the comedienne did not mince her words as she hit back at a basher criticizing her relief goods operations.

On Instagram, Pokwang voiced out how she felt and called her bashers “animal” and “kampon ng bashers ng satanas.”

Watch on this video below: