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Erwan Heussaff is proud of Anne Curtis as a mom: ‘I’m so impressed’

Anne Curtis’ husband Erwan Heussaff shares an update while raising baby Dahlia in Australia.

Erwan Heussaff is proud of Anne Curtis as a mom: ‘I’m so impressed’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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07/30/2020 09:58 AM
Erwan Heussaff is proud of Anne Curtis as a mom: ‘I’m so impressed’
Photo Credit: @annecurtissmith Instagram

After welcoming the arrival of his baby Dahlia with Anne Curtis last March, Erwan Heussaff opened up about fatherhood and raising a child during a time of global pandemic in Australia during a guesting on local radio station Magic 89.9 last July 28. During the interview, Erwan revealed what’s on his mind now that he is a new dad.

“Fear. Everyone kind of talks about the beauty of parenting and it’s amazing. You access a part of yourself that you never thought was there. And that you never perceived to be there and you never really understood how it would present itself in terms of the love that you can feel for someone else. You think, ‘Okay I love my parents, I love my siblings, I love my wife and all these people but then a kid is so different. Like the type of love, it’s weird because it’s a mix of the need to protect someone, the need to take care of someone, the fear, so much happiness. I think what no one tells you about it is the amount of fear that is attached to it. When your baby is kind of like sleeping on her stomach, is she breathing? Is she okay?” he admitted.

Even before Anne gave birth, Erwan said he already had a lot of things to worry about minus the unexpected pandemic. “During the pregnancy itself, hundreds of questions that come into your mind in terms of when the baby comes out, what if something’s wrong? What if there’s a medical problem? What if all these things? So it’s like your mind is in continuous motion in terms of problem-solving and it’s not used to that. And you’re in a pandemic so for me, it’s been figuring out how to stay positive when all in your mind is worst case scenario and I think that’s part of being a parent,” he shared.

Staying in Australia since February with Anne’s family, Erwan said he is taking things day by day. “Everyday is a different day especially when they’re this young I guess. Every single day you see something different and you see some sort of evolution. You see that she understands something that she didn’t understand yesterday. All of that is so fascinating. Like I still look at her from time to time and I look at Anne and I say, ‘I can’t believe that came out of you.’ Because as Dahlia grows, it’s mind-boggling when you think about it and that’s why people call it the miracle of life because it’s insane,” he explained.

The 33-year-old vlogger and entrepreneur said Anne is enjoying motherhood and how proud he is of her natural instincts when it comes to their daughter. “Just how the mother switch is like that. For dads, it’s like a process to understand what’s happening. For moms, it’s immediate. Like that connection is forged from day one. For dads, it takes a couple of days kind of looking at your child and like how did this third person just come out whereas for women it’s just automatic and just how motherly the instinct is incredible. Like I still at times when I’m looking at Dahlia and holding her and it’s like how do I comfort her or is she happy or anything. Give it to the mom and it’s like magic. So that for me has been amazing to see, kind of how she’s embraced that role. And I’m so impressed by it. I’m catching up by reading books and educating myself. Obviously she’s educating herself too. But most of it is ingrained and I think that’s amazing,” he shared with Magic 89.9 listeners.

Having to take care of a newborn with the added concern of a global pandemic is a challenge Erwan battles everyday. “Our general concern was mostly being 100% sure that no one here catches it in our household. If I catch it, I don’t care. If Anne catches it to an extent, she doesn’t care. The biggest fear I think everyone has is to give it to someone else, like how bad would you feel if you get it, you’re asymptomatic, then you give it to someone else and you’ll just feel terrible right? And so for us with the newborn, that is amplified. A couple of weeks ago, Dahlia got her vaccines and then she got a fever and even just a tiny little fever, you freak out. You literally watch her and you’re like, ‘Is she okay?’ So anything happening outside just amplifies the fear we have inside and it’s basically just convinced us more to really listen to the rules and stay indoors,” he said.