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Wil Dasovich on not talking about politics: ‘I work with ABS-CBN and I love the people’

Vlogger Wil Dasovich defends himself against accusations that he only vlogs for profit and fame.

Wil Dasovich on not talking about politics: ‘I work with ABS-CBN and I love the people’-PUSH TEAM


07/24/2020 12:18 PM
Wil Dasovich on not talking about politics: ‘I work with ABS-CBN and I love the people’

After getting backlash during a guesting on the Nas Daily podcast earlier this month, Wil Dasovich felt prompted to defend his name through his most recent vlog last July 23. The Fil-Am vlogger told fellow vlogger Nas in his podcast about having a golden rule where he tries to limit and not talk about politics because it’s always going to upset a huge group of people. But Wil said it was not in response to current events since the podcast was actually recorded even before the ABS-CBN shutdown happened. “I wish that ABS-CBN was running for the thousands of unemployed, for the friends and family of mine that currently work for the network. And to be honest, even for my own personal interest, I wish it were running for myself because I work with ABS-CBN and I love the people who I work with,” he shared.

The 28-year-old influencer and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate also addressed issues like celebrity vloggers and how he is being labeled as a symbol of toxic positivity.

“It’s not true. Traditional media like TV is not a competitor of YouTube and I actually made an entire vlog about that called Are Artistas Ruining YouTube? It’s a very concise piece that answers questions about that type of topic. One of the biggest criticism I was getting and altered narrative on this whole thing was I’m an advocate of toxic positivity and that I portray to be happy at all times even though I’m not. I pretend that nothing is wrong when I should be showing the negative aspects of life and not have everything to be puro happy. These statements are far from the truth. And it’s obvious that the people who were tweeting this type of stuff, they haven’t seen my vlogs. The last videos of my channel have dark aspects to them. They emphasize struggle, challenge, and the barriers we face in life that we must overcome. My vlog carefully details what myself and others have to go through to on a day-to-day basis to obtain happiness. I’ve always explained techniques or particular ways of life to put yourself in the best situation possible,” he explained.

Wil thanked people who reached out to him to ask for his side of the matter and to be given a chance to explain what has been taken out of context. He also invited his followers to comment and converse with him.

“I’ve been humbled by the friends who messaged me and actually took the time to converse with me and my thoughts about the issue and not just read a misleading headline and come to a conclusion. After listening, it’s ultimately up to them to form an opinion. But at least they have the information to do so. Intertwining vlogging with current affairs or the news is something I rarely do on this channel because that’s not the type of content people come here for. But I do understand that I have the responsibility to not just inform myself, but to help bring social change for those who do come here to watch my content. I always read the comments and feedback in these videos and ultimately, I create what you guys want to consume. We’re always going to make mistakes in life but the important thing is that we learn from them and just like I’m willing to keep an open mind and understand different perspectives, that’s the only thing I’d expect from you as well,” he said.

Wil challenged netizens to do more research before practicing their freedom of speech. “This isn’t a recent statement nor was it anything new about me. When I said that I try to stay away from politics and religion when it comes to social media. I’m happy to discuss politics with friends, family, or anyone willing to have that discussion. But in the space of a toxic area like Twitter, I contemplate, is there a real change that can even happen there and is it even worth my time and my mental health? We all have a right to an opinion even if in the slightest way it goes against others. If you want to make a real change, you won’t be able to do it through bullying someone into trying to agree with you or trying to cancel them. Attacking someone that has never even harmed you is never going to get them on your side. Difference should lead to discussion first way before division,” he added.

Not engaging in political debate is also Wil’s way of protecting his mental health. “The whole idea about what I do is not about pretending to live in this bubble. But it’s about armoring myself to be able to deal with the things outside it. That’s the meaning of wellness and what I try to promote. Initially I didn’t intend on responding to this because the issue had become so farfetched and it’s simply not worth my energy to argue with someone who doesn’t even want to make a proper attempt to back their claims. But after me and Nas chatted about this whole issue, he reminded me of what we said in the actual podcast.

“We both just want to do something beneficial to the world, whether it involves politics in our conversations or not. He told me that this is the best form of controversy and the most positive thing you can get cancelled for. I reflect on my flaws and I make the conscious effort to improve on them. I recognize that I hold certain privileges and in the future I can make a better effort in educating myself so that I can reciprocate that to those who follow me. Social media is still a new and constantly evolving platform and we can talk all day about content, influencers, creators, and whether or not they should be considered news platforms. But what is not debatable, something we all can agree on, is that real news agencies should not report biased news that fits any particular agenda. Everyone including myself should gather as much information as possible to educate themselves, form an opinion, and then be able to respect those (opinions) of others,” he shared.

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