K-Pop group Treasure hypes up fans with debut teaser: ‘This will is going to shake the world’

Treasure’s debut has been moved to August 7, 2020.



07/20/2020 05:15 PM
K-Pop group Treasure hypes up fans with debut teaser: ‘This will is going to shake the world’
Screenshot from TREASURE (트레저) YouTube video

Counting down the days until K-Pop group Treasure gears up for their highly anticipated debut, YG Entertainment released a space related-themed teaser across various social media platforms of the South Korean agency.

Filipino singer Ysabelle Cuevas is the Grand Prize winner of YG Entertainment’s song cover contest

“There are discoveries to be made in everyday life. Discovery is what makes our hearts beat like crazy. Because we can dream about the new world we will create,” the voice said.Apart from the stunning visuals, what caught fans were the “willful” words narrated by a member in the said video.

It added: “So we’re about to take our first step towards the new world. This one step will change everything. No matter how hard it gets, we will believe in our path. And this will is going to shake the world.”

Watch the video below:

In a separate post, YG also released the concept teaser for the 12-member group’s official debut.




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Consisting of twelve members namely Yedam, Haruto, Doyoung, Hyunsuk, Jihyun, Junghwan, Jungwoo, Yoshinori, Junkyu, Mashiho, Jaehyuk, and Asahi, the group is the first act to debut under YG since Blackpink.




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The members of Treasure are composed of the final survivors of the idol show “Treasure Box” aired on South Korean cable television JTBC. 

Initially scheduled to debut in July, the group will now debut on August 7.

While Treasure has yet to officially debut, the group already has 425,000 followers on Facebook; more than 377,000 followers on Twitter; and 1.5 million followers on Instagram as of writing. On YouTube, the group already has 1.25 million subscribers.