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‘I will trace you’: Angel Locsin threatens to go after basher hiding behind fake identity

Angel Locsin has identified one of her bashers who has been attacking her on social media.

‘I will trace you’: Angel Locsin threatens to go after basher hiding behind fake identity-PUSH TEAM


07/02/2020 03:21 PM
‘I will trace you’: Angel Locsin threatens to go after basher hiding behind fake identity
Photo crrdit: @therealangellocsin IG

Angel Locsin has had enough one of her bashers whom she discovered has been hiding behind a fake account.

The netizen, whose username is @Ciama28, penned an open letter addressed to the 35-year-old actress blaming the Congressional hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal as the reason for the delay on the passage of the House Bill (HB) No. 6815.

It is also known as the Accelerated Recovery and Investments Stimulus for the Economy of the Philippines (ARISE Philippines).

This, after Angel took to social media to question the priorities of the government amid the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. 

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Angel, for her part, responded by arguing that if the government indeed considers ARISE as an important bill, then government officials should have prioritized passing the said bill rather than putting focus on shutting down ABS-CBN. 

She wrote: “If this is such an important bill, it should be prioritized then. Instead of focusing on shutting down ABS & cutting the life support of the people relying on it, giving support to the economic needs of the people should be prioritize. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Emphasizing the fact that the bill has already passed the third reading last June, she added: “FYI, informed folk, ARISE bill was approved last June on its 3rd reading, so the problem is not our call for ABS-CBN franchise. Maybe  you’re not so informed after all?”

Angel also pointed out the irony in the basher’s post, saying what her basher is pushing to be passed into law contradicts her stand on the shutdown of ABS-CBN. 

“The irony here is that you’re pushing for ARISE for those who are suffering economically, but you’re against defending jobs of ABS-CBN workers. How contradicting! This is my last reply since you obviously do not know what you’re saying. Take care,” she wrote. 

Angel warned the basher that she knows the person behind the said account. 

Sharing screenshots of her proof on the identity of her basher, Angel identified the person behind the account. As it turns out, the basher is a guy named Tio Moreno who appears to have used a face changing app to transform his face into that of a girl’s. 

Angel warned her basher that should he not stop flooding her Twitter account with nonsense, she said she would do everything in her power to go after him. 

“Kuya girl, we all know this account is fake plus you are handling different accounts. Let me give you a heads up, if you don’t stop flooding my page with nonsense, I will trace you and tap your employer, your family, anything. So please just stop. Thank you,” she stated. 

But Moreno tried to get back at Angel (now using his real name) by describing the Kapamilya actress’ act of threatening to silence him as “barbaric.”

“Threatening to silence a person for the sole reason of his differing viewpoints from yours isn't a civil & diplomatic way to change the way he looks at things, but is instead a barbaric form of getting your way on him which is only done by felons,” he responded. 

Angel, convinced that her basher only revealed his identity after getting exposed to the public, said he should have never tried to hide if he really isn’t afraid of anything. 

“Would gladly exchange views with a person who’s not hiding in a fake account. If you truly believe in what you’re saying, why be afraid and hide? Bye, time to enjoy my day. Have a good one too,” she wrote. 

But instead of owning his mistake, the basher tried to argue that contrary to Angel’s claims, his account is not fake and that he only used a photo that happens to be a “product” of Faceapp. He also said he would take Angel’s words as a threat to him. 

“This account isn’t fake. My photo is a Faceapp product. Thank you for proving to the whole nation that IT’S NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH if it does not parallel to what you have believed in. I will take this as a threat from a real a celebrity known as a real DARNA,” he wrote. 

Angel Locsin is one of the most active celebrities who are helping various government agencies in the fight against COVID-19.