Irene of K-Pop group Red Velvet set to star in an upcoming film

Red Velvet’s Irene is heading to the big screen.



07/17/2020 10:43 AM
Irene of K-Pop group Red Velvet set to star in an upcoming film
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Bae Joo-hyun, popularly known as Irene of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet, is set to mark her debut on the big screen through the upcoming film Double Patty.




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SM Entertainment, the 29-year-old K-Pop star’s agency, confirmed the reports that Irene has snagged her first-ever movie role. 



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“Irene will be appearing in the film ‘Double Patty.’ She will be playing the role of an aspiring anchorwoman,” said a representative from SM Entertainment, as translated by Korean entertainment site Soompi. 




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The film will reportedly follow the story of a group of young people on their journey of growth and development. 

This is not the first time Irene entered the world of acting as she previously appeared in a 2016 web drama called “Game Development Girls.” She likewise made a cameo in Descendants of the Sun in the same year. 




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Meanwhile, the cameras will reportedly start rolling some time in August while the screening in cinemas is slated towards the end of the year. 



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Having joined SM Entertainment in 2009, Irene trained for five years before debuting as part of Red Velvet in 2014.

From 2015 to 2016, Irene co-hosted the KBS show Music Bank with Korean heartthrob Park Bo-gum. 



look at bogum's reaction when irene was complimenting kim sunggyu's voice uwu 😂 + when Irene stuttered a bit at her line, Bogum nodded as a motion that it's okay and that she should continue kyaaaaa 😭💖 (© for Velvet Subs) - - for those who can't read the subs: • IRENE: Kim Sunggyu has a really pleasant voice~ (Bogum pouts while looking at Irene) • IRENE: And Bogum, is there anything for you? • PBG: There is. • IRENE: What is it? • PBG: It's surely Music Bank. It has to be you. (points at the camera) • IRENE: What kind of sense it that? (laughs while touching his arm) • PBG: Thank you! (smiles) • PBG: And shall I guess what Irene will never give up? • IRENE: What is it? • PBG: It's definitely this spot besides me ❤ (opens an arm with a confident smile) • IRENE: (being playful) No. It's gonna be the next stage. (PBG looks at the camera with a rejected expression) - - [#RedVelvet #Irene #BaeJoohyun #ParkBoGum #BOGUMMY #BoRene #OTP #KpopOTP #아이린 #레드벨벳 #ChemiCouple #FridayCouple #GummyBae #MusicBank #뮤직뱅크 #거플 #사랑 #박보검 #보검 #보검이]

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Known as the leader of Red Velvet’s main group, she also leads the sub-unit called Irene and Seulgi.




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Red Velvet is the group behind hits “Psycho,” “Bad Boy,” “Red Flavor,” and “Zimzalabim” among others.