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EXCLUSIVE: Sam YG shares importance of saving money for emergency funds

Sam YG admits his business model was among those affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

EXCLUSIVE: Sam YG shares importance of saving money for emergency funds-PUSH TEAM


07/16/2020 02:14 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Sam YG shares importance of saving money for emergency funds
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Sam YG — whose bread and butter happens to be hosting — admitted that his business model did not escape the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — especially since live events have been put to halt. Then again, he found ways to keep himself busy like growing plants at home. 



“As a lot of people know, practically all businesses are affected because of the lockdown, kasama na diyan yung akin – my business model as a host is mostly mass gatherings so since walang events, I’ve been doing a lot of things at home and keeping myself busy. Marami eh, alam niyo naman yung utak ko medyo kung saan saan na siya napupunta, ngayon nga nag-aalaga na kami ng halaman,” he told PUSH in an exclusive interview for Lazada’s Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale. 

Having transformed into a #certifiedplantito, Sam YG said he and his girlfriend Essa Santos both became plant parents over the lockdown.

“If you’ve been following me on my Instagram stories at si madam Essa, nag aalaga na kami ng halaman. I never had a plant before so ngayon kinakausap na naming ang halaman, ‘di ko nga alam wala na ata kami makausap kung hindi halaman at may mga pangalan na rin sila, that’s one,” he shared.  



Meanwhile, Sam also shared the importance of saving money for emergency funds — something he reveals was one of the biggest lessons while on quarantine. 

“Number one – you can never can tell. Di natin alam ano mangyayari, you know even if technology is on point and we’re so ahead of technology, still, something like this can happen. A pandemic can happen so it’s always good to know and be ready for something like this. Pag emergency, make sure you have enough funds. Nakapagsave ka, nakapagtabi ka ng emergency funds,” he said. 



HALF BODY: tara workout!! OTHER HALF: hmm..parang tambay nalang? #AnoNaTalaga #LockdownPaMore 🤷🏽‍♂️

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While there were cons, Sam also admitted that there were a few valuable things about himself while staying at home.  

“Also on the brighter side, I realized na marami pala pwedeng gawin sa bahay di ba. There are things na mas efficient. Let’s say meetings or whatnot, you can do it at the confines of your own home. From zoom meetings, to thinking about content, working out, all these can actually be done from home,” he stated. 

He added: “I mean it’s also noticeable yung reaction to the pandemic. Yung iba siyempre nastress, yung iba gumagawa ng bagong business, so I’ve learned that it’s very important to keep your mind healthy and your body healthy so you’ll be able to carry on and still be optimistic during these times.” 

Sharing his advice on how to cope with the pandemic, the 35-year-old DJ noted the importance of coming up with a routine that would help create a balance between his body and mind. 



“I think one thing that I always advise people when I give talks or whatnot is to create a routine para hindi ka rin nawawala sa sarili mo. So create a balance between keeping your emotions healthy, your mind healthy, and your body healthy so make sure you get your workouts in kahit mabilisang exercise para you feel good about yourself and energetic ka,” he shared. 

Sam likewise pointed out that staying idle at home affects one’s mental health. Thus, the need to stay healthy while staying at home. 

“Di ka lang naka-tengga sa couch buong araw kasi it also affects your mental health and everything else so create that routine, strike a balance, it’s okay to rest, hindi naman kailangan na stress masyado. Minsan checking out social media can actually create more stress kasi feeling mo wala ka nagagawa eh yung iba workout ng workout araw araw. So pati social media consumption mo kailangan na ka balance lahat yan or else malulunod ka talaga sa mga nangyayari. It’s very important to keep yourself healthy during these times,” he shared. 

On buying stuff online from the comforts of his own home, he shared: “Sobrang excited kasi we all know na trying times, we want to save and it’s exciting for me because these are the items that I want and now I can get them at super good deals at ang pinakapanalo ay walang parking fee, tipid sa oras, you can shop from being at home kasi naalala ko dati pupunta ako ng mall, maghahanap palang ako ng parking, magbabayad ako ng parking, sa parking palang ubos na 20-30 mins ko minsan.”



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Born Sam Gogna, Sam YG is a radio personality and is of Indian descent.