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‘DDS?’ Bela Padilla responds to netizen

Bela Padilla clarified she’s not a ‘DDS’ after a netizen questioned her political stand.

‘DDS?’ Bela Padilla responds to netizen-PUSH TEAM


07/13/2020 08:40 AM
‘DDS?’ Bela Padilla responds to netizen
Photo Credit: @bela Instagram

A netizen recently asked Bela Padilla whether or not she is a Diehard Duterte Supporter (DDS). This, after the said netizen noticed that her name was included in the list of people who joined Joyce Bernal on her trip to Sagada and Banaue. 

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It can be recalled that the filmmaker was supposed to shoot some scenes for President Rodrigo Duterte’s upcoming State of the Nation Address. 

The netizen, whose username is David Gusion, wrote: “Wait, is @padillabela a DDS? If so, what a plot twist!”



But the Kapamilya celebrity was quick to clarify her political stand — saying she isn’t a DDS at all.

“Nope not at all,” she replied. 



When further asked why her name is included in the list, she replied: “I was told we were going to shoot for Liter Of Light (which we did)...but as soon as I found out that us being there could have any connection with the SONA, I went home alone, immediately, because I have no participation in it anyway.”



The netizen, wanting to shed light on whether or not she would in any way participate in the upcoming SONA of the President, made one last question, writing: “In conclusion, you are not a supporter of this admin, and you will not be pariticipating in the SONA in any way. We will take your word for it. Thanks ulit! Cheers!”

To which the 29-year-old actress responded: “In the most respectful way to everyone involved, yes. Cheers!”



Piolo Pascual, who was heavily criticized in the past week for his participation in the said project and allegedly being “silent” on issues involving the ABS-CBN franchise, has prompted him to issue a statement. 

“My association with Direk Joyce has nothing to do with my political stand and as a citizen of this country. I love my country regardless of who the President is and and I love my home network which is ABS-CBN,” he said. 

The actor was also present at the rally at the House of Representatives last Friday, July 10, to support his home network.