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Lauren Young lambasts netizens calling her ‘mataba’ and ‘laos’

Lauren Young did not mince her words after a netizen called her names for calling out DJ Loonyo.



06/07/2020 11:53 AM
Lauren Young lambasts netizens calling her ‘mataba’ and ‘laos’
Photo credit: @lo_young IG

Last Thursday, June 4, Lauren Young drew the attention of several netizens after calling out online sensation DJ Loonyo in a series of tweets.



It can be recalled that DJ Loonyo, whose real name is Rhemuel Lunio, mistakenly identified mass testing as COVID-19 clinical trials during a Facebook Live video. 

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While many agreed with Lauren’s tirades, her tweets did not sit well with DJ Loonyo’s fans who started coming at her and calling her names on Twitter. 

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The 26-year-old celebrity, who was called by some fans as “laos” or someone who is no longer relevant, did not mince her words against those who attacked her.

According to Lauren, she doesn’t act because she wants to be famous, but rather to earn money to pay for her bills.

“‘Laos ka naman.’ Hindi ko po gusto sumikat. I act because it pays my bills not because I crave for your f**king approval,” she wrote.

Lauren went on to add that just because she is an actress, it doesn’t mean she should stay silent on important issues.

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She added: “‘Artista ka pa naman.’ So magbabait baitan ako? Wala akong opinyon dapat?”

Told by a fan that DJ Loonyo would never get attracted to her, she responded: “’Di ka jojowain niyan’ Thank God. Porket babae ako crush ko siya? Asa kayo.”



Meanwhile, she also hit back at her body shamers who called her ‘mataba’ or fat for calling out someone who spoke about a very important issue using incorrect information.

“Oo mataba ako! Ano ngayon? Did I make statements that could possibly influence my followers to think the wrong way because I had incorrect information while oozing with confidence? No. Tse. Kainin ko kayo eh.”

Sharing the importance of eradicating body shaming in 2020, she added: “Body shaming is so 2019. Read a f**king book and grow up people.” 



Lauren Young debuted in 2006 part of Star Magic Batch 13.