WATCH: Darren Espanto tries boxing

Darren Espanto took to Instagram to share his new workout.

WATCH: Darren Espanto tries boxing-PUSH TEAM


06/06/2020 07:17 PM
WATCH: Darren Espanto tries boxing

'Total Performer' Darren Espanto shared that he is trying a new workout routine at home. 

On Instagram on Saturday, June 6, Darren posted a clip taken from his boxing workout. 

He wrote in the caption, "A few weeks ago I decided to try a new workout at home...boxing! Still have a lot to learn and improve on but here’s a short clip on how it’s been going with our good family friend, Kuya OG!"



Darren has been staying with his family in Canada where he had a virtual birthday concert from home last May 24. He turned 19 years old.