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Jeremy Jauncey on meeting Pia Wurtzbach: ‘It was love at first sight’

New York-based British businessman and model Jeremy Jauncey reveals how his love story with Pia Wurtzbach began.

Jeremy Jauncey on meeting Pia Wurtzbach: ‘It was love at first sight’-PUSH TEAM

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06/06/2020 10:25 AM
Jeremy Jauncey on meeting Pia Wurtzbach: ‘It was love at first sight’
Photo credit: @piawurtzbach IG

After gracing the cover of Tatler Philippines this month and confirming his relationship with Pia Wurtzbach, Beautiful Destinations founder and CEO Jeremy Jauncey talked about the first time he ever approached and met the beauty queen during a random encounter in London. “Before living in New York, I lived in London. It was my home for ten years and I saw Pia in Covent Garden. It was an area that I walked through so many times in the last ten years and it was an area that I knew very, very well. And when I saw her, I recognized her instantly. And the funny thing is, we had crossed paths a few times before but never actually met each other properly, formally introduced. So I thought I get one shot so I ran off to her and it all went from there. I think I just introduced myself and mentioned that we had mutual friends. Because I’ve been to the Philippines a few times in the past and we knew some people in similar circles so it wasn’t just completely out of the blue,” he shared with Tatler Philippines editor-in-chief Anton San Diego during the June 5 session of Tatler Talks.

Jeremy said he and Pia did not go public when they started dating because they wanted to have time to really get to know each other. “It wasn’t that we were afraid, it was more really making sure that we were invested in each other and got to know each other. The foundation of our whole relationship was based on the two of us really becoming close and understanding our values, the things that we cared about, the things that we wanted. And on the flipside knowing that a lot of people would be interested and want to know about us. We just felt it was really important that we set a good foundation before we came out and did something like this,” he explained.

The couple, who have traveled to countries like Indonesia, UK, U.S, and Hong Kong in a span of a year, said that it was in Hong Kong where they first kissed and formalized their feelings for each other. “We had the day just walking around and spending the day together and we were staying in different places relatively close to each other and it was just capping off the day as we went home as we were going back to our respective hotels and I gave her a kiss good night. And then we left things. It fell into place because we spent so much time talking to each other and trying to understand each other realizing how much respect we had for each other and that we were on the same page. The night just ended in the perfect way. We went back to our hotels knowing we were seeing each other in the morning. That’s how it happened,” he recalled.

Jeremy admitted it was also during their Hong Kong trip where he realized he really wanted to get serious with Pia. Although the last time they physically saw each other was in February, Jeremy said he keeps in constant touch with Pia whom he lovingly calls his “baby.” “I think what was so special about Hong Kong was that we just walked around just talking. There were no fancy dinners, there were no shows, or anything you might do when you’re in your early dating life. We were just walking around and talking. I remember sitting down in a little park and we had all these school kids running around us and making noise and birds and the trees and just being in the middle of nature in the middle of Hong Kong and just looking at each other and talking about the things that we wanted and realize that they were very similar. We realized that we had shared values and we both wanted the same thing. It was love at first sight. I’m done,” he said.

Being in a long-distance relationship has only deepened their feelings for each other now. “We’ve really invested heavily on communicating with each other right since the very, very beginning. Just talking about our feelings, talking about what we’re looking for in life. I see it as a huge compliment that she thinks that I’m a male version of her because I see how driven, and smart, and how intelligent she is. I see how much I learn from her and hopefully she learns from me,” he added.