PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Gretchen Ho on ‘storyteller’ mode as she launches website

PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Gretchen Ho on ‘storyteller’ mode as she launches website-Brooke Villanueva
Brooke Villanueva


06/04/2020 04:19 PM
PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Gretchen Ho on ‘storyteller’ mode as she launches website
Photo credit: @gretchenho IG

Coping with the coronavirus crisis while in self-isolation can be tough. With this in mind, Gretchen Ho—as a way to celebrate her 30th birthday last April 19—put up a new website aimed at uplifting spirits during the pandemic.

Gretchen named the website “Woman In Action”—reflecting not only the sports enthusiast and multimedia personality's perennial brand, but also her sense of purpose. As she explained the name in an Instagram post, “Every time I get discouraged or feel helpless, I just remind myself that I AM a #WomanInAction, and that gives me strength. I just need to focus on my next step. After all, we are changed by WHAT WE DO, and the world is transformed through ACTION.”

With many celebrities turning to YouTube to help their followers adjust to this difficult period, Gretchen decided to maximize her site through a fresher, more interactive format. “I wanted to do something different—something that would be interactive and not just one way. I wanted to provide a space for people to tell their story,” she told ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “If you look outside, there’s just so much good that is happening. These stories only need to be shared and magnified.”

Gretchen will pick a story and have it featured on her website on a weekly basis. “I can also feature these stories on my social media accounts, or if they’re really good—on TV, in my 'Happinews' segment on TV Patrol!" she added.

While the project is meant to instill hope, Gretchen stressed that it will not prey on feigned positivity or any sort of obliviousness. It will be an outlet for stories that need further telling, she said, to ultimately be a safe space for everyone while in quarantine—including those having a hard time in home confinement. “I think it would be very much helpful as we’re dealing with a crisis that can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining."

Acting both as journalist and youth role model, Gretchen couldn't have launched “Woman In Action” sooner. This, especially at a time when casualties are at a rise—the Philippines is now at more than 8,000 cases including 568 deaths. “In a time of crisis, I feel it’s my duty to serve, to help in whatever way I can, and to spread light despite limitations," she declared.

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