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Annabelle Rama to daughter Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘You touched your savings for me’

Annabelle Rama writes an emotional message for her daughter Ruffa on her 46th birthday.



6/27/2020 10:51 AM
Annabelle Rama to daughter Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘You touched your savings for me’

Photo credit: @annabelleramaig and @iloveruffag IG

Annabella Rama can be quite a tough mom to her children — but that’s because she simply loves them. And most often than not, she’s not afraid to show her affection to them — even if it means going against the grain. 

But on the 46th birthday of her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez, Annabelle showed a gentler side to her. In a series of tweets, the Gutierrez matriarch apologized to her unica hija for not being able to attend her birthday celebration.

“Happy birthday to my one and only daughter @iloveruffag. Sorry that Alexa & I didn’t go to your place to celebrate w/ you last night. I just saw it in your Instagram this morning,” she wrote. 

The Gutierrez matriarch said she was busy on the day of her daughter’s birthday. She also advised her daughter to go to the hospital for regular check-ups — citing the similarities between them when it comes to fear of doctors and injections.

“Busy day for me yesterday. Hope you understand kung nasaan ako. Take care of your health. Don’t forget to have checkup every year katulad ka rin sa akin takot sa doctor and injection,” she wrote. 

Bringing out the loving Lola side in her, she added: “Take care of Lorin & Venice. Ipa-prioritize mo silang dalawa sa buhay mo. Give them all your love. Not other people.

“Everytime we talk lagi tayong nag-aaway. You know the reason why. You & our family palagi kung pinagdasal. Kasama kayo lagi sa prayers ko. Kaya ang tagal ko sa harap ng altar ko.”

Despite the differences, Annabella said she knows how much her daughter loves her. 

“I know you love me. I feel it & I can see it. This difficult times na prove ko lahat,” she wrote. 

Sharing one of the rare instances she was able to prove it, she wrote: “I was so shocked the night before I left. Dumating yung yung PA mo. 9pm may dalang check from you. Super shocked dahil mag kaaway tayo that time. We did not talk. I understand wala tayong trabaho lahat. Lumabas pa rin ang pera. You touched your savings for me.” 

According to Annabelle, she knows how much her daughter values the savings she has for her kids. So for the Love Thy Chika host to actually touch her savings for her made her emotional. 

Alam kong never mong ginalaw ang savings for your kids. Kaya sobrang touch. I didn’t expect anything from you. But anyway nag mana ka rin sa daddy mo malambot ang puso at hindi nagtatanim ng galit kaya ka siniswerte. Hindi katulad ko sinusumpa ang kaaway,” she added.