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Life coach Myke Celis shares tips on how to become #bestmeever during the pandemic

Celebrity life coach Myke Celis has advice to make the most of life in lockdown.

Life coach Myke Celis shares tips on how to become #bestmeever during the pandemic-Leo Bukas
Leo Bukas

Twitter: @leobukas


06/26/2020 12:24 PM
Life coach Myke Celis shares tips on how to become #bestmeever during the pandemic

The new normal brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic demands the best version of one’s self. While there are a lot of people who lost their jobs, loved ones and sometimes even their sense of self in the process, there are those who actually thrive as well.

But thriving is a matter of chance and of choice. This is what celebrity life coach and author Myke Celis emphasized during this interview. Coach Myke is one of the few people who successfully launched multiple 6-digit coaching programs and a #1 International Best Selling Book in Amazon during the ECQ period.

“Everyone was caught by surprise by the pandemic, myself included. So what I did initially was step back and recalibrate. I needed to keep myself grounded and not be overwhelmed. Trust me, it was hard for someone like me who has 4 businesses affected directly because of the lockdown,” he said.

It’s a fact that a lot of businesses have already closed and people have been left jobless. Given that situation, many are now suffering from extreme stress, fear, and anxiety because of uncertain times.

“I asked myself, what is this situation teaching me? What can I do differently? And taking those to heart, I just trusted my instincts and went for what I truly believe were my own strengths: coaching and writing. While there were losses left and right, I knew that there's a huge opportunity for me that awaits if I just focus on being present and persistent.

“So I started off with what was true to me: helping others via giving FREE coaching sessions to those suffering from anxiety and stress during the COVID-19 lockdown while working on my high ticket digital coaching platform and book so that I can slowly adjust according to the demands of the time.

“I guess what worked for me was I kept my heart and true intentions intact. I didn't come from desperation, rather, I chose to remain true to myself, my brand and be inspired in the process to evolve into my own #bestmeever,” he explained.

So is it really possible to become one's #bestmeever during the pandemic?

He replied, “The NEXT you should be your #bestmeever, based on the choices you will make from this day on. Wherever you are now, with whatever you have, know that you can start your journey given that space. Be grateful that you're not sick and that you have another chance to start all over again.”

How do you become your own #bestmeever?

“Detach yourself from the stressful situation and become connected with your inner self instead. Take this time to reflect and realize what you really want to do with your life. Remember, in order for you to thrive, you must be clear with your directions and goals,” he further explained.

“Assess your current space. What do you have? What are you good at? What should you do differently? what do you need to let go of in order for you to move on and forward given this new experience? How should you start perceiving things? By answering those questions you can now come up with an action plan tailor-fitted to the next you.

“Remember to approach everything with openness and humility. Be willing to start all over again from scratch. And allow yourself to ask for help. Then as you build momentum, remember to celebrate your wins in between. Big or small, acknowledge them so that you will be inspired to keep going,” he added.

But what if things don't go as planned? When situations become discouraging?

“Consider those as birth pains. All will pass. It's how you create and stick to a new routine as you embrace the new you that will determine your eventual success. Becoming your own #bestmeever takes time. And the pandemic is just your starting point. Be patient in your journey. Do all you can, with all that you have. At the end of the day, that will be more than enough.”

Coach Celis also reminds everyone that, “ The new normal needs you to step up and be extraordinary. Not to be the same person as you were, but to be the person you're meant to be. Your own #bestmeever. Because more than ever, you need to reinvent yourself so that your next version will not only be pandemic-proof, but life proof as well. And it begins with one life changing choice.”

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