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  • After getting discovered as a model during one of his visits to the Philippines from the UK, Andrew Wolff ended up staying in the country for good.

PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Remember the hunky Andrew Wolff? He’s now a happy #girldad

After getting discovered as a model during one of his visits to the Philippines from the UK, Andrew Wolff ended up staying in the country for good.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


06/24/2020 01:35 PM
PUSH X LIFESTYLE: Remember the hunky Andrew Wolff? He’s now a happy #girldad
Photo Credit: @adriannazoewolff Instagram

After getting discovered as a model during one of his visits to the Philippines from the UK, Andrew Wolff ended up staying in the country for good. He has since done various campaigns for major brands. He also delved into showbiz, acting, and hosting. More notably, he has been part of blockbuster movies like Praybeyt Benjamin and Ang Tanging Ina Nyo. He has also represented the country in the 2013 Mr. World pageant where he placed first runner up. He then showed his mettle in the field of sports as part of the men’s national rugby team known as the Philippine Volcanoes and played in the prestigious Rugby World Cup Sevens within the same year.

And then came Andrew's venture called parenthood, which has understandably sent him off the radar for a bit.

“There have been many sacrifices. No partying, no drinking, long hiatus from international rugby to focus on business ventures. Parenthood is time-consuming if you do it the way I was brought up to do it," he told ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

"We all have different values and different perceptions of how we think children should be raised here in the Philippines and around the world. You do what you believe is beneficial to (your kids') well-being.”

Nowadays, Wolffy, as he is fondly called by friends, is totally focused on daddy duties. He's raising his two daughters—six-year-old Adrianna Zoe (from a previous relationship) and one-year-old Isabella (with current partner Camille Ongpauco).

Andrew said he has not been out in Manila for six years. "I wonder what nightlife is like these days. I rather not, though, someone might approach me and start calling me tito, and I am not ready for that!” And it has since been a total shift for this former partyphile and 'it' model.

“What I love most about fatherhood is having a stronger sense of responsibility and direction. Why are we on this Earth if it isn't to raise a family? I have certainly matured as an individual and I work considerably harder than before. I almost have no time for myself. Time now is either spent on work, further study or spending time with them," he said.

Having thoroughly enjoyed his bachelor days, Andrew admitted adjusting to fatherhood was a major but welcome change in his life.

“I don't think anyone is ever ready to be a father initially. It is something that you have an idea about, but when applying your 'knowledge,' you realize there are so many variables to consider— emotions, attitudes, the environment in which they are growing up, financial burdens," he mused.

It's become an experience that made him "appreciate your own parents more and the meaning of unconditional love. No two children are raised equally and as a parent you have to make huge adjustments and sacrifices personally to ensure that you give them the best you can.”

Andrew likes to think he's a wiser man with his second kid—"an easier transition" that became more possible thanks to his successful business ventures.

"As we get older, we generally become a lot more financially stable," he explained. "(My) girls are very kind towards each other. No jealousy, just pure happiness. My dad was an educator and I think that I have inherited those traits from him raising my children. He gave me the best opportunities and I endeavor to do the same with my children. It is difficult, but a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy.”

Andrew said he has learned to wear a lot of other hats, like acting as an educator this minute and then a playmate the next.

“Having two girls means, I have had to adjust to knowing about My Little Pony, discovering the different shades of pink and purple, and pretty much everything that I didn't experience growing up," he said with a laugh. "It has been enjoyable learning to engage with my feminine side.

"But jokes aside, I love just doing anything with them really and teaching them new things. During this lockdown, I have been teaching my six-year-old Phonics and Mathematics. Bella has been learning my magic tricks and trying them on other people. She makes things disappear and appear again and then shouts 'Ba!' to tell us that the surprise is there. It is cute and hilarious at the same time.”

He then gushes at how he's been acing parenting so far.

"I love the fact they are happy kids," he revealed. "They aren't complaining and crying all the time. They say you are a victim of your own environment, which is why we prioritize happiness above anything else. I believe if they are happy at home, they will perform better in life, whether academically, athletically, or socially."

Has Andrew—known as a total brawn—stamped an intimidating parenting style yet? His fatherly ways have been constantly evolving as he learns through the years, he said.

“I am a combination of both good cop and bad cop, leaning more toward 'soft pushover dad at times. I have two girls and I almost never get mad at them!" he said.

Andrew seems set to thrive further as a father—and so those awaiting his showbiz comeback might have to wait a little more.

"I would still like to have a boy and maybe that will be the last. If I had infinite pools of cash, and if it were possible, I would have 10 more!" he joked.  "Right now, I am enjoying the learning curve and the whole process. It is a natural progression and not so robotic. I am hands-on which some parents do not have the luxury of due to work commitments or whatever it may be. I think it is very important to not rely solely on yayas to raise your children. We must be the ones to teach interpersonal skills and build a solid relationship with them growing up.”

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