TRENDING: Star Hunt trainees take on “Bambam,” “Marikit” dance challenges

The Star Hunt trainees are now on TikTok!

TRENDING: Star Hunt trainees take on “Bambam,” “Marikit” dance challenges-PUSH TEAM


06/23/2020 03:40 PM
TRENDING: Star Hunt trainees take on “Bambam,” “Marikit” dance challenges

The emergence of Star Hunt Academy trainees has proven to be a success as the male and female groups have already garnered positive feedback from a growing legion of fans even before officially getting launched to the public. 

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Last Thursday, June 19, the trainees created an account on TikTok with both male and female groups taking on popular dance challenges. 

The girl group grooved to Karencitta’s “Bambambam” while the boy group danced to Juan Caoile’s “Marikit” featuring Kyle. The videos amassed 335,000 and 1,000,000 views, respectively, a day after it was uploaded.

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Watch the videos below:

The male idol trainees are composed of six members namely Akira, Angelo, Mikki, Nate, JL, and RJ. Meanwhile, the female idol trainees include Aiah, Colet, Gwen, Jhoana, Maloi, Mikha, Sheena, and Stacey. 

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