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WATCH: Sofia Andres becomes emotional as she opens up about living independently abroad

Sofia Andres revealed she flew to Australia and lived there for six months.



6/22/2020 2:50 PM
WATCH: Sofia Andres becomes emotional as she opens up about living independently abroad

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A week before publicly admitting that she has given birth to a beautiful daughter, Sofia Andres opened up about what she had gone through when she took a break from showbiz. 



Speaking to Claudia Barretto, the Kapamilya actress shared that the toxicity she has experienced in showbiz prompted her to take a break from the industry — citing what happened to her former love team and her relationship with the press as reasons, among others. 

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“I took a break from showbiz because I don’t know if I should say this but I think it was a bit toxic for me and because of what happened with my love team and the bad blood with the press. I can’t say that I’m an introvert. They would always say ‘you can’t say that because you’re in showbiz. You have to be a people person’,” she said. 

Sofia went on to say that the environment in showbiz has drained her because she feels like she has to meet people’s expectations every now and then. 



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“And with that, it drains me. I like acting. I love it so much. But sometimes, it’s the environment. I don’t know. Parang hindi ko alam kung paano ko siya i-hahandle ng maayos. That’s why I always ask my co-workers na ‘How do you do it?’. Honestly ‘yung personality ko. I wanna talk to you it’s just that I don’t know how to talk to you,” she stated. 

Having flown to Australia where she spent six months without her mom by her side, Sofia admitted it was hard for her at first to live a life without her knowing she’s been her companion for most of her life.

“I learned a lot. Natutunan ko kung paano maging independent. For me, it was hard to be independent because my mom was always there for me. Even at work, she’s there — in everything she’s there,” the actress said.




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Then again, there’s also a feeling of fulfillment knowing she was able to learn a lot of things such as her purpose in life. 



“We dream in colours borrowed from the sea.” 🤓 got it from @brandconscious 🌺

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Sofia also shared that she’s happy she had her boyfriend Daniel Miranda by her side who has helped her get through all the obstacles that came her way. 

“It was a roller coaster for me. Because I had to budget my own money. I don’t get to do that. Because my mom handles my money. I don’t know how to manage it. Good thing my boyfriend was helping me to do those things. He was there to support me, to teach me how to do it,” she remarked. 

Admitting that she wants to make a comeback in showbiz, she stated: “Parang ako am I enjoying this? Do I love working? I would love to come back. I hope that the environment. I mean show business, the world that we live in this industry is gonna be different after this lockdown.” 

Watch the video below: 

Sofia named her daughter with Daniel, Zoe.