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PUSH X LIFESTYLE: What Nico Bolzico loves about fatherhood

Nico Bolzico on being a dad to baby Thylane: ‘She taught me that the love of a dad for a child is unlimited.’

Brooke Villanueva


06/21/2020 01:14 PM
PUSH X LIFESTYLE: What Nico Bolzico loves about fatherhood
Photo credit: @nicobolzico IG

After the pregnancy complications his wife Solenn Heussaff faced, celebrity businessman  Nico Bolzico stepped up greatly to the new challenge called parenting. He stood by her through fears of serious health problems—a premature birth, a placenta calcification, a thrombosis or clotting that would have put both mom and child at risk, included. Acting as a husband and nurse, Nico would even go to work late just so he could inject blood thinners into Solenn’s pregnant belly to prevent blood clots from forming.

Nico's selflessness and love only made Solenn's journey as a future mom then easier. And so it wasn't long before the birth of their daughter Thylane Katana eased all those worries away, literally the best way for the Bolzicos to ring in 2020.

"It was really surreal. Nobody prepares you for that. It was really challenging to believe that I was going to be a dad. Until today, I look at her, I still cannot believe she’s my daughter,” Nico can only muse.

Once among the most sought after bachelors in the country admired for both brain and brawn, he now tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle how he's suddenly a new person with a baby in the picture. 

“The mornings are now ours—from 7 AM to 10 AM. That’s when we talk a lot, when we walk around the house, when I have my coffee and I feed her," Nico said. "It’s peaceful. It’s the best time.”

Nico isn't sugar-coating this new experience, as he suggests being super hands-on to his baby. In fact, in the conversation, he speaks with Baby Thylane close by and giggling in the background.

“She’s always in a good mood, you know? She doesn’t cry, she gets puts to sleep easily, and she always smiles. I can already tell after five months that she’s a good person, she has a really good personality, and she’s a little bit of a clown,” Nico claims. “She’s a social butterfly also. She likes to talk a lot! New people, she loves!”

Nico's favorite thing about his little ray of sunshine? He honestly can't quite pinpoint. “There are just too many,” he gushed. “It’s everything, really. It’s how she makes me feel... She really, really makes me happy.”

In general, he believes how Thylane has "taught me to put everything in perspective." He reveals, "She taught me that important things in life are not money-related, not material things. It’s more on spending time with each other.” He pauses, then adds, “She taught me that the love of a dad for a child is unlimited.”

Fatherhood hasn't diminished his humor as his latest daddy antics online have shown. Yet, it's this experience that might have made him more sensitive and appreciative than ever. “I’m now more careful with what I do. Even in doing business, I take less risks. I want more certain things because it’s not for me but it’s for her now,” he says. “As long as I’m with her and my wife, that’s all we need. Three of us, it’s all we need.”

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