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BREAKING: Sofia Andres announces she has a baby

It has been confirmed: actress Sofia Andres gave birth to her first child.

BREAKING: Sofia Andres announces she has a baby-PUSH TEAM

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06/21/2020 05:39 PM
BREAKING: Sofia Andres announces she has a baby
Photo credit: @iamsofiaandres IG

It has been confirmed: actress Sofia Andres gave birth to her first child. 

On Sunday, June 21, Sofia posted on her Instagram a video of her pregnancy journey with the caption "Life during pregnancy."



Sofia said in the video, "They say when you're pregnant, you get clingier. You crave a lot like a lot. It gets easier especially when your friends and your partner cooks for you. And eats with you. You get emotional and glowing. And then you eat more. You know what's even more touching? It's that a lot of people are there for you."

Acknowledging her boyfriend Daniel Miranda, she said, "Daniel has been there every step of the way. Every travels, night cravings, gatherings. And I'd be there too in his train rides and classes. 

And when I'm stressed out, he'd wake up in the middle of the night to massage me, to comfort me. It's his way of telling me that we are in this together."

Likewise, she also acknowledged others who have helped her along the way.

"And not just him. These are the people who were with me in my pregnancy journey. 

Australia has taken a piece of my heart. To Tita Maite and her beautiful family, thank you so much. To the Mirandas who has been ever supportive, most especially to the two moms inspiring me to become a good one - Tita Angie and my mom. They sacrificed their time for each of their families just to be with us on this. They taught everything about being a mom. And that makes me emotional kasi I realize how delicate they were when they're also about to be mothers to us. 

My pregnancy will not be memorable and happy if not for these people."

Sofia continued by sharing more about her relationship with Daniel. She said, "I will never forget late night walks in the park, grocery shopping, food trips and my favorite part - when I welcomed him home from school. 

He would do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, fold my clothes. He made everything easy for me. 

Our four-year relationship has gone through a lot. But at the end of the day, we make it easier for each other. And now that we're parents, I know it's gonna be more challenging for us. Now that I'm a mom, this has changed something in me."

Concluding her video, Sofia said, "I'd also like to thank everyone who I gave my trust and never broke it. I love you, Daniel. And to my dear Zoe, my princess, our sunshine, welcome to our lives."

It is known that Sofia is in a relationship with racer Daniel Miranda. While sweet photos of them first surfaced in 2018, it was in January 2019 when they revealed the relationship.



I love you forever @danielmirandaa_

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A few months later, in August, Sofia and Daniel shared photos of their trip in Australia, where she stayed till the end of 2019. 

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Rumors of the 21-year-old former 'Bagani' actress being pregnant first circulated in December 2019. 

Her last movie was the 2019 Black Sheep film 'Open.' Having previously played third party roles in the LizQuen and KathNiel love teams, she has also been paired with Inigo Pascual and Diego Loyzaga in several projects. Some of the projects she starred in included 'Relaks, It's Just Pag-ibig,' 'She's Dating The Gangster,' 'Forevermore,' and 'Pusong Ligaw,' among others.