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Lea Salonga: ‘To everyone that has my back, thank you’

Lea Salonga thanks people who expressed their support for her.



06/18/2020 11:04 AM
Lea Salonga: ‘To everyone that has my back, thank you’
Photo credit: Lea Salonga on Facebook

Lea Salonga took to social media to thank those who expressed their support for her. 

The Broadway Diva set the online world abuzz after she vented out her frustration about the current situation of the Philippines.

Dear Pilipinas, p***** ina, ang hirap mong mahalin,” she posted on her Facebook account on Monday, June 15. 

The singer though did not mention what particularly made her furious that day. 

Following her social media post, "I STAND WITH LEA SALONGA" became a trending topic online.



On Twitter on Wednesday, June 18, Lea thanked her supporters.

"To everyone that has my back, thank you. You have my appreciation. I am very grateful," she posted.

Fans were quick to comment on Lea’s tweet saying that they will always support her. 

We know where your heart truly lies so we got your back anytime,” one netizen commented. 

"We love you coach. We got your point, and we will always support you. God bless. Stay safe," one netizen said. 

Lea has been vocal on social media recently about the issues hounding the Philippines. 

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One particular issue that she shared her stance on is the rape culture in the country, which has been highly debated on social media. She said that what a woman wears is not to be blamed why the hideous crime is happening in the country.


"The onus of rape should solely be on the shoulders of the rapist. What a woman happened to be wearing is immaterial. Men, you can always do and be better. And to the adults, we need to raise better men," she posted on her Facebook account on Sunday, June 14.

Also, eagle-eyed fans were able to take screenshots of her comment on Anti-Terrorism Bill, which she wrote on Nyoy Volante's personal Facebook account.



She said, "My problem is how unspecific and loose these definitions are. Ibig sabihin, any of us could be thrown in jail for doing anything. I get that we need a bill to help curtail the growth of actual terrorist groups, but seriously? E kung pumunta ako ng True Value at bumili ng kutsilyo, terorista na ba ako? Sa ganda kong ito? Paano ka, e ang handsome mo?”