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  • In a rare opportunity, Matteo Guidicelli opened up about his married life to Sarah Geronimo in an episode of Push Bets Live.

Matteo Guidicelli describes marriage to Sarah Geronimo as the best thing that happened to him

In a rare opportunity, Matteo Guidicelli opened up about his married life to Sarah Geronimo in an episode of Push Bets Live.

Gary Ann Lastrilla

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06/14/2020 05:59 PM
Matteo Guidicelli describes marriage to Sarah Geronimo as the best thing that happened to him
Photo credit: @matteog on Instagram

Actor Matteo Guidicelli, in a rare opportunity, opened up about his married life to Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo in an episode of Push Bets Live.

Matteo, who currently has an online talent show called The Pop Stage and an iWant docu-film titled Ranger G, talked about his life outside of work including his marriage. He is now about four months married to Sarah. They tied the knot on February 20 this year.


02 20 2020, A day full of pure love, honesty and genuine emotions. Yes, we got married. Mr and Mrs. Guidicelli. First and foremost, We would like to express the overwhelming joy, love and excitement we have in beginning our life together. We decided to keep everything as intimate as possible because of private matters. Each and everyone of you have been part of our love journey and we want to say, Thank you. Friends, family and everyone on “social media” have been a source of inspiration, strength, and most importantly, of LOVE. That evening was almost perfect until some unexpected events took place, but don’t worry I never “punched” anyone. I will forever stand up and protect my wife just as how my father would protect my whole family. I would like to say thank you to my family for loving Sarah like a daughter. Our family is growing and we are blessed. Papa and mama, thank you for deeply loving and welcoming Sarah into our family. In time, with God’s grace and Love, everything will heal and fall into place. We are happy, we are blessed, and we are husband and wife! Let’s always celebrate life and love! Nothing will ever defeat pure honest LOVE. God bless everyone for your love and support! Again, from the deepest part of our hearts thank you! Sincerely, Mr and Mrs. Guidicelli #family #BLESSED #HappywifeHappyLife #G022020

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“Aside from the military, I think marriage is the best, best thing that ever happened to me, and is happening. I don’t know, it’s just the best. I’m talking to my friends, sabi ko sa kanila, I recommend marriage to everybody as long as you found the right person in your life. As long as you found that person that you feel you can grow old and spend the rest of your life with. That’s very, very important. I’m not saying everything is perfect but I think that’s life. You go through the thick and thin holes in life, kumbaga,” he began.

Matteo also revealed that like other newlyweds, they have to go through adjustments. “Actually, this is the first time that we’re actually living together so every day we learn from one another. And this is the first time also that I’m away from my family so that’s an adjustment also. But everything is good, you know. We’re very supportive for each other and we learn together. Everything is just great and everything is good.”

The actor was also all praises for his wife who, he said, takes care of him very well. According to Matteo, he is very proud of the person Sarah is becoming, “Sarah is an amazing wife. She’s an amazing human being and it’s very nice to see her evolve and go every single day and take on different responsibilities because she cooks great, she takes care of me great and she’s an amazing person. She’s becoming a very, very independent individual so I’m very, very proud of her.”


As for baby plans, Matteo confirmed that they do not have them yet, and that they are currently working towards their dreams for now. “Wala, no baby plans yet but I guess for now, we’re working. We have a lot of dreams and goals for each other so that’s what we’re doing right now,” he said.  

Meanwhile, little details of their private relationship were also revealed as Matteo gamely took the Pinush Ko O Di Ko Pinush challenge of the episode.

Without going into much detail, Matteo said “Pinush ko” or agreed to the statement that he discovered new things about Sarah during the community quarantine period. Likewise, like any normal couple, he also answered the same when asked if he experienced getting irritated at a pet peeve that his wife did, “Oo naman, pinush naman. Normal naman ‘yan.” He also admitted letting Sarah won over an argument, adding “The wife is always correct, di ba?” He also said yes to preparing her a romantic dinner, and being jealous of someone close to her in the past.

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