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  • Bela Padilla stresses that “dura lex sed lex” cannot be the end of the argument.

Bela Padilla: “Justice was not served.”

Bela Padilla stresses that “dura lex sed lex” cannot be the end of the argument.

Bela Padilla: “Justice was not served.”-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


05/09/2020 08:32 AM
Bela Padilla: “Justice was not served.”
Photo credit: @bela IG

In the Laban, Kapamilya live chat on Facebook, Bela Padilla joined other Kapamilya artists and employees in airing their sentiments on the closure of ABS-CBN. She couldn’t help but be emotional when she recalled her journey as an artist in the network and its impact on her family.

Bianca Gonzalez, one of the moderators of the forum, raised the concern of some netizens who questioned why the kapamilyas seemed to be looking for pity and ignoring the need to go through the lawful process. 

While Bela acknowledged the right of the kapamilyas to express their feelings and thoughts, she also eloquently answered the common argument that is posed. “Kung tatanggalin na po natin lahat ng emosyon namin, that we deserve to say and that are all valid; kung tatanggalin na natin ‘yun sa equation lahat ng ‘yun. Lagi niyo pong sinasabi sa amin ‘dura lex sed lex’. The law is the law. The law may be harsh, but it is the law. Okay. That is the end of your argument all the time.”

Bela insisted on extending the argument further. “It’s the same way na pwede nating sabihin na ang kutsara ay kutsara, pero para saan ba ang kutsara? Kapag sinabi natin na a paintbrush is a paintbrush, para saan ba ang paintbrush? We are trying to paint a bigger picture. We are trying to produce something. So what does the law stand for here? The law is supposed to serve out justice, give out justice.”

“The fact of the matter is, on May 5, justice was not served for 11,000 Kapamilyas and the people who depend on ABS-CBN for information, for entertainment. You took out our right to seek out justice.

“For me, we do not end our arguments with ‘the law is the law’. It’s what does the law do for us, the citizens, the taxpayers?”