Kim Chiu on reminiscing her PBB journey: ‘It always refreshes my drive’

Kim Chiu shares the lesson she learned from PBB.



05/06/2020 09:40 AM
Kim Chiu on reminiscing her PBB journey: ‘It always refreshes my drive’
Photo credit: @chinitaprincess IG

Kim Chiu shared that she always looks back on her Pinoy Big Brother journey from time to time. The Kapamilya actress remarked that reminiscing her experience in PBB has always fueled her drive. 

“I always go back to that moment whenever I feel like I’m losing my purpose here in the industry. Or when I feel down, I just go back to that time. It always refreshes my drive in doing what I want,” she said in an interview with RX 93.1.

She added that her PBB journey has taught her an essential lesson that helped her navigate the world of show business. 

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“One is pakikisama kasi when you enter the house, all of the people, you don’t know. You have to get to know them, you have to be friends with them. Dapat marunong ka mag-adjust,” she stated.

Despite the challenges in the industry, the actress remarked that it never entered her mind to quit showbiz. 

Hindi naman ako dumating sa stop kasi I love this platform. I love acting. I don’t really cry. Ayaw ko umiyak kasi it makes me feel weak. But when I am acting, I have to think of something tapos I would cry. Doon ko na lang nalalabas 'yung mga hidden emotions ko tapos bayad pa ako. May TF (talent fee) pa 'yung tears ko,” Kim said. 

She added, "Life is not perfect. You always see me laughing but meron ding times na bakit ganito, bakit ganyan. So we have to go back and think of something that made us happy or inspired us. Bakit mo ba ginagawa ito? Para saan?