EXO member Suho announces military enlistment

EXO member Suho will enlist in the military on May 14th.

EXO member Suho announces military enlistment-PUSH TEAM


05/04/2020 04:43 PM
EXO member Suho announces military enlistment
Photo credit: @kimjuncotton IG

Kim Jun-myeon, better known as Suho, is temporarily leaving K-Pop group EXO to enlist in the military. 

Fans might not be seeing Suho for quite some time as the EXO leader has just penned a letter announcing his military enlistment on May 14th. 



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“Hello, our EXO-L. This is Suho. I am writing this letter today because there is something I need to tell you all. On May 14, I will be enlisting in the military to carry out my duties,” he wrote in a statement, as published in South Korean entertainment news site Soompi.  

Sharing how much he’s going to miss his fans, the EXO-Ls, he added: “I think I will really miss our EXO-L during that time. I hope our EXO-L, who think of me and love me every day, will always be healthy. I sincerely thank you, and I love you. We are one, EXO. Let’s love.”

Meanwhile, a source from SM Entertainment confirmed to Naver that Suho is indeed going to enter the military. 

Suho is the third member of EXO to enlist in the military following Xiumin and D.O.

EXO is the K-Pop group behind hits "Obsession," “Love Shot,” “Monster,” and “Ko Ko Bop,” among others.