Vice Ganda tells bashers on social media: ‘Please unfollow me’

Vice Ganda has had enough with his bashers on social media.



05/31/2020 11:49 AM
Vice Ganda tells bashers on social media: ‘Please unfollow me’
Photo credit: @praybeytbenjamin IG

For the longest time, public figures such as celebrities have been regarded as resilient when it comes to criticisms. But there’s a thin line between criticism and bashing — and truth be told, these stars can only do so much to handle the latter.

Take for example Vice Ganda who recently took to Twitter to tell his followers to respect him and his views on social media. Otherwise, the comedian thinks it’s best to unfollow him from his platforms instead. 

Ayoko pong makadagdag sa mga pinagdadaanan nyo. Kung ok ako sa inyo at mga tweets ko please continue following me. Salamat po,” he wrote.

Adding that he doesn’t want to annoy anyone with his tweets, he asked them to give themselves a favor by unfollowing him. And for those who choose to stay, he reminded them not to be the “toxic” kind of follower. 

Meanwhile, Vice Ganda continues to give happiness to his followers by launching a new game show where he gives off tons of prizes called Gabing Gabi Vice.