LOL! Ivana Alawi wakes up siblings with ‘Ipis Prank’

Ivana Alawi pulls the “Ipis Prank” on siblings. How did it go?



5/3/2020 8:59 AM
LOL! Ivana Alawi wakes up siblings with  ‘Ipis Prank’

Screenshots from Ivana Alawi YT Channel

Fans of Ivana Alawi definitely had a good laugh at Ivana's latest vlog upload as she pulled a prank on her siblings Mona and Hashim. 

On Saturday, May 2, the vlogger-actress happily shared with her subscribers that she bought 500 toy cockroaches to scare off her sister Mona and brother Hashim, who she said were terrified of house pest. 

At the start of video, Ivana said that this is her revenge prank for her family who earlier connived to ignore her, which made her cry. 

Hence, in this vlog, she woke up way earlier than the others to prepare and execute the prank. 

Watch how successful Ivana's latest prank was and have a great laugh with this video below. 

In just nine hours, Ivana's vlog already garnered more than 1.7 million views.