PUSH X LIFESTYLE: TikTok hottie DJ Loonyo reveals fitness journey

Here’s how to get fit like TikTok sensation DJ Loonyo.

PUSH X LIFESTYLE: TikTok hottie DJ Loonyo reveals fitness journey-Angela Sy
Angela Sy


05/28/2020 04:40 PM
PUSH X LIFESTYLE: TikTok hottie DJ Loonyo reveals fitness journey

It’s almost hard to believe that a five-days-a-week exercise junkie like DJ Loonyo was once overweight. The 28-year-old, who quickly rose to fame thanks to his heartfelt warning to Filipinos about the coronavirus and his dance cover videos, has been keeping his buff bod in check since December 2012—a month, he says, he’ll never forget. “It was the Rockstars (Dance Crew), especially Kuya Kenjhons, who inspired me to work out. I was really fat when I joined the team—maybe around 200 pounds,” he told ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “They love to work out and do it like it’s part of their daily routine. That energy and circle inspired me to transform myself.”

When DJ Loonyo first started exercising, he often hit the gym. Being a professional dancer, however, made him realize he had to alter his work outs to suit specific needs.

“In my case, I work out because I want to amplify my movements. I want my body to support my dancing skills and career. So, the more I lift heavier weights, for example, the more it makes my shoulders stiff, which affects the way to perform,” he explained. “Now I’m more into cardio, body weights, jumps, and leg work to strengthen my agility. I tone the rest like abs, shoulders, and arms. In sum, I specify my set to the parts of my body that need improvement.”

Besides changing the routines, he had to adjust his workout schedule after moving to China. At present, DJ Loonyo exercises at night as that’s when he has plenty of energy. A typical workout begins with freestyle dancing, which he treats as cardio or a warmup. He does bigger grooves to prepare his body for the whole routine.

He never skips leg day, as he says they’re the most important part of his body—if his legs are weak, it’s hard to move. He follows this up with upper body sets, flips, or gymnastics for his core and ends the set with an ab routine. His cool down? Dancing and grooving to some R&B. 

Having stayed active for almost eight years, DJ Loonyo doesn’t need a personal trainer. “I either work out by myself or with the team,” he said.“I also research routines on YouTube that help strengthen specific parts of my body.”

He does follow a diet, though. “I follow Intermittent Fasting: 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour eating window. Sometimes I can go as much as 20 hours fasting,” he said.

Besides the twice-a-week rest days, he allows himself breaks—especially when he flies home. “When I visit the Philippines, I treat it like a vacation. I don’t work out; I sweat it out when I hold Rock*Well choreo classes or lab/training sessions with Rock*Well,” he revealed.

Overall, DJ Loonyo is satisfied and realistic with his progress. “The body parts I’m most proud of are my shoulders and chest. They’re also the easiest (to work out). Hardest for me to maintain would definitely be my abs/core. Tabain ako,” he said.

Moreover, all the years he spent working on himself greatly influenced his thoughts on body image. “To be honest, I myself don’t have a fitspiration. My personal take on fitness is that I believe you shouldn’t do something to look like somebody else. Beauty and greatness are already in us. We just need to look for it and embrace it. Some people are already fit, but they don’t feel sexy because they lack confidence. They always compare themselves to other people. Once you find the real you, being confident sexy is really easy. Find things that can make you happy Your body will just follow. Don’t stress yourself out by working out if you don’t have a reason why you want to do it. Lack of purpose means lack of confidence,” he explained.

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