LEGEND: FPJ celebrates his 14th year as National Artist

Paulea Benoza

Twitter: @pauleaaa


05/27/2020 06:34 PM
LEGEND:  FPJ celebrates his 14th year as National Artist

His legacy spans a great number of classics, iconic characters, and quotable movie lines. 

Building the foundation for the local action film genre and making his mark as the face of a gallant man of honor championing the oppressed, Fernando Poe Jr. earned the title ‘King of Philippine Movies.’

His films had significantly impacted the local movie industry, as his work inspired most action films of today, even to the very minute detail.   

On May this year, the great filmmaker celebrates his 14th year as a National Artist for Film. 

Having rendered approximately 300 films in his five-decade stint in the industry, some of which were written, directed, and produced by him at the same time, FPJ wasn’t given the royal moniker for no reason. His complete body of work is a testament to his invaluable contribution to Philippine cinema arts.  

StarStudio.Ph commemorates Da King’s contribution to Philippine cinema with his most memorable films of all time. HERE